Vikings, Oh My!

Captain’s Log   5,816

I fell asleep watching The Vikings on the History Channel and spent the entire night on the sofa.  I do that really well.



I hear the strains of West Side Story in my head……..

There is a lot of mud in the show.  Everybody is always sliding around in it.  And they like to burn things.

I think the Vikings probably smelled bad.  You can’t run around pillaging all day in leather and fur and not kick up a lot of stinky sweat.  But overall, they didn’t too bad for a culture without written language.  I mean…in terms of pillaging and that kind of thing.  I guess you don’t need books to pillage.  Usually, just pointing your sword in the right direction and screaming was enough.

They were fairly good navigators, though.  Not sure if they really navigated or just put their fate in the hands of Odin.  Either way, they got around really well in those odd Viking ships.  I cannot imagine sailing into the ocean in a boat without a keel.  How they remained stable on the waves is beyond my understanding.  It would be like riding around in a giant canoe.


A bit too low in the water for me.  No thanks.

I like the weird shipbuilder dude named Floki.  He wears the best makeup.  Not sure why.  It’s never addressed.  He is little and strange and almost elfin.  

floki 2

If Johnny Depp ever plays a Viking, he will probably wear makeup like this.  Floki also does a bang-up job of lurking about and giggling.  

There is a priest character too who was kidnapped from a monastery in England and forced to live in a Viking village.  He’s back in England now about to copy manuscripts – because that is what priests did back then.   He was going to be sacrificed and was hung on a cross for a short time, but the king decided to have him work as an archivist instead.  I think he is probably the first person ever to be cut off a cross to work in a museum.


Here the priest consults with a seer who doesn’t have any eyes and has a lot of ashes around his mouth.  People like that tend to scare me.  Seers scare me too.

So yes, I like this show.  I don’t know what’s up with me.  Game of Thrones…..The Vikings…..   I am turning into an even bigger geek.


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12 responses to “Vikings, Oh My!

  1. poundheadhere

    I haven’t watched Vikings yet. Need to do that. However, the next season of Game of Thrones begins this weekend!

  2. goatbarnwitch

    I watched the first season of Vikings on your recommendation and it is a good show with a decent amount of offensive stuff that takes it off the mainstream…. I often wonder if we are not looking for a stronger human to get us out of the mess we have run our business into. Yup vikings conquered and pillaged but then isn’t that what Wall Street and our government is doing now?: I always go back to a very cool college professor who pointed toward our film and reading material being a way to explore our demons….

  3. susanna

    It’s genetically coded into your being! I love sweeping statements like that but what else can explain the Irish downstairs maid attraction vs. the Viking attraction. You will find me next door to Ireland watching the British equivalent. I prefer cleaning to sitting around in pretty clothes so I’m downstairs with 67andgood.

  4. Perhaps a past life memory comes up when you read or watch these times. I often relate to an Irish downstairs maid myself. I think it would be interesting to be hypnotized to go back into my previous lives…

  5. Patty O'

    Next thing you will be playing Dungeons and Dragons. Watch out for Tiamat. She is a bad-ass dragon representing Chaotic Evil. Evidently that is the worst kind. But the 20-sided die is WAY cool!

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