Rocking and Rolling in LA LA Land

Captain’s Log   5,811

Home again.  Gone for five days and it was exhausting!  I appreciate everything I learned and experienced, but hindsight is always perfect.  We had ZERO down time beginning Monday afternoon.  ZERO.  The only way to get any down time was to forgo one of the planned dinner activities.  We blew off two.  We did not go to Santa Monica on Wednesday night and we did not go back to the museum to watch American Graffiti on Thursday.  The Santa Monica thing sounded wrong from the start.  Shuttles were scheduled to leave the museum at 5:30 and then bring us all back from our hotels at 6:00.  That would have given us 15 minutes of down time.  The shuttles were not scheduled to leave Santa Monica until 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00.  I asked the shuttle driver about all of this when we clambered in to go back to our hotel at 5:30.  He informed me he didn’t know anything about the evening shuttles out of Santa Monica.  Oops!

Apparently, getting back from Santa Monica was the ultimate cluster fuck.  Some people didn’t get back until midnight on the shuttles.  Some people took cabs.  We had a nice dinner at the Grove mall just across the street from the hotel and were back in our room around 8:00.  Seemed like a much better deal.

We visited a very upscale museum on Friday.  It is a homage to decadence.   It also houses the world’s most expensive car.


All righty then

This is so far beyond my reckoning that I cannot even image what it means.  $35,000,000.  This museum was off the charts.  It was also cold and unfriendly.  It also had the same kind of floor damage we have.  I found that rather amusing.  Even the most expensive car in the world can do irreparable damage to your floor.

We were all required to check our bags.  Well, just the women.  The men were allowed to carry around enormous camera bags, but I had to check my little black cross/body Baggallini.  The woman who greeted us treated us like we were nothing more than unwashed Mongol hordes.  She was AWFUL!    We were a group of 115 museum directors, curators, designers, and policy makers.  We really DO know how to behave in a museum.  The best moment came when three “interlopers” entered the museum about an hour into our tour.  She confronted them at the door and demanded to know how they got into the building.  Why were they inside?

One of the men explained that they had a read a review about the museum and wanted to see the cars.  They got inside because the door was open.  She was still awful when she made them pay $40 to go inside (even though the posted admission is $15).  Then, she demanded their names.  The first two guys gave their names.  When it was the 3rd guy’s turn, he said his name was Edsel Ford.  Edsel Ford the Second.  

She snarled and said, “Oh, like the CAR?”  

What an asshat.  Edsel Ford is a real person!  He is Henry Ford’s great grandson!  Several people in our group recognized him and could not believe how badly he was treated.  She completely insulted him and tried to make him out to be some sort of criminal.  Obviously, she does NOT have good customer relations skills.  Everybody who comes to your museum should be treated with honor and respect.  I am going to write a letter to let the owner know how this woman behaved.  She wouldn’t work for me for a second.  Not a second.

One of the most amazing cars I saw ever (probably in my whole life) was Liberace’s limo.  It was on display in the room where we had our banquet.


Covered in wee mirrors.  It’s a rolling disco ball.  Subtle.

It was a bit much, and I found it beyond weird.  Friend Sally made this Bitstrip to sum it all up.



We won two national awards for our work.  That was amazing!  We have never entered the competition before, and I was completely blown away!

And yes, I experienced the 5.1 earthquake.  We were all sitting at the banquet eating dessert when it started.  Three people at my table were from parts of the country where quakes do not happen (normally), and it was quite something for them.  One was intrigued and two were ready to flip out and scream.  Quakes usually last 5-10 seconds.  This puppy was rocking for at least 30 seconds or more.  EEEK!

Back to business as usual now.  Time to hit this Sunday and see what happens!


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16 responses to “Rocking and Rolling in LA LA Land

  1. bholles

    Have fun writing your complaint letter.

  2. susanna

    That was a very interesting post. Your life is packed with experiences like none other I know. The expensive car was amazing and weird at the same time. Congratulations on your award! You have the best car museum ever. It reflects your creative genius, and I mean it!

  3. Bravo for the awards. And so sad for the woman at the museum who was so rude and insulting. Sadder still for the people who visit the museum, since she’s apparently an equal-opportunity snob. I hope your letter results in an attitude improvement on her part, or a replacement.

  4. I believe I saw Liberace’s car in Las Vegas many years ago when we visited his museum. It was such an interesting place to go, I loved all the costumes and his collections were breathtaking..
    Yes, that woman sounds very rude. MIght be fun to send her an anonymous photo of Edsel Ford the Second just to rub it in a bit.

  5. Valerie

    Hope you will follow up and write that letter. People like that are so offensive and need to be taken off of the pedestals that they’ve created for themselves. So exciting about your awards!

  6. joanie

    OMG, what an embarrasing moment for the asshat. Edsel Ford the Second? She’s probably still losing sleep over that one.

  7. maryz

    Congratulations on the well-deserved honors! I’m glad you had enough sense to avoid the crammed-in trip to Santa Monica. But mostly I know you’re glad to be home in your own little nest.

  8. Patty O'

    Welcome home! That is a wonderfully “chewy” post! You were wise to avoid the Santa Monica event. It is NEVER a good idea to go anywhere on a shuttle in LA. I do not like the $35M car. It’s ugly. So is Liberace’s car. I like all of yours better. Congratulations on the awards! Shove THEM up the noses of your nasty neighbors across the parking lot. HA to them! And how thoughtful of LA to provide its own entertainment compliments of Mr. Richter. Time to get back to your own bed and your own museum…

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