Off to LA LA Land

Captain’s Log   5,810

Off to Los Angeles for the week.  Long conference on how to run an automotive museum.  I am taking my business manager and the president of the board.  It will be good for the president to see how we run things as opposed to the more traditional museums.  We are also a lot more successful than many of the other museums.

We will be staying (and conferencing) in the Fairfax/Wilshire neighborhood.  It’s between downtown LA and Beverly Hills.  Kinda trendy but still Los Angeles weird.

We are staying at the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel.

farmers daughter

It’s as weird as it looks.  The wake-up call is a rooster.  Not a real rooster, but it sounds like a rooster when the phone rings.

We will be just across the street from the famous Farmer’s Market.  It’s a great place to buy fresh food and enjoy an interesting meal too.  I am excited about this.  We have a free night tonight so we are going over to the market for some sort of Turkish egg thing fried in bread.  I have no idea what it’s really called, but I will know it when I see it.


Dining at the market.  I will be hunting for the Turkish egg thing.

farmers market veggies

Fruits and veggies – oh my!

I am most excited to hear our speaker on Tuesday.  Nina Simon is the most amazing wizard of the museum visitor experience I have ever heard.  She has inspired me to no end.  I give her all the credit for infusing me with the balls to do the Steampunk exhibit two years ago.  Can you infuse someone with balls?  Maybe they need to be grafted?  Either way, I did it and she was right.  It set us apart BIG TIME not only among automotive museums but also among the other museums in Balboa Park.  She is amazing.


Oh my gosh!  She’s quirky too!


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14 responses to “Off to LA LA Land

  1. Bravo for quirky, farmers’ markets and egg thingies! It all sounds simply wonderful.

  2. A rooster wake up call? I’d have to kill it… especially if it crows before I’m ready to wake up.

  3. joanie

    LOVE the photos of the Farmer’s Market. Used to go there with a friend of mine a hundred years ago whenever we went to LA for rock concerts. (Rolling Stones) Good memories. I can still smell the food cooking!

  4. Patty O'

    Ha! Love the checkerboard hotel with the rooster wake-up. But what I REALLY love is Nina Simon! She even LOOKS quirky and those EYES! She is an IDEA woman through and through. I hope you have a ball, that your companions learn well from their inclusion and that you find all the egg thingies you could possibly want!

  5. Rhonda

    please go to Dupar’s over at the Farmer’s Market and have the pancakes. BEST in the city!

  6. annanotbob

    Hope you have a great time in La la land xxxx

  7. I know you and your colleagues will be an important part of this event, because I know you are good at what you do. In the meantime, also enjoy that crazy city 😎

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