Captain’s Log   5, 806

I went out to dinner last night with Friend Pam to thank her for taking care of my house while I was gone.  She suggested a new place called Pieology.  It’s kind of like a Subway restaurant only you build a pizza instead of a sandwich.  It was fascinating.  And it was delicious!


Really hot ovens make quick work of your order.  Yummithy!

I like simple food.  I had a pie with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.  Super thin crust brushed with olive oil.  Holy mommacita!  I ate half.  Will finish it tonight.

I tried out my new Nutri Bullet again this morning.  I made an orange juice and banana smoothie (with a packet of Emergen C added which made it foam like a volcano and me laugh out loud).  Then, I wanted to see what would happen if I blasted up three compari tomatoes.  It turned out pink and delicious!  I added some salt and pepper and called it gazpacho.  The road to becoming a gourmet cook is a really long one for me, and today I took the first step.  I ate pulverized tomatoes for breakfast and gave it a fancy name.  I think that’s what gourmets do.  They cook something simple and then drizzle stuff over the top.  Voila!  Gourmet!

We had a potluck at the museum yesterday to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and someone’s birthday.  Since most of my staff is Mexican, the food was fit for a fiesta!  My favorite was a salad made from the nopal cactus.  It was amazing!  There was also a warm dip made from poblano chiles, corn, and sweet cream.  Holy shit I almost swooned.

nopal salad

The strips that look like green beans are pieces of cactus.

Off to work again.  Dreaming of going somewhere.  I need to be a travel writer.


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22 responses to “Potluck

  1. susanna

    I walked by pie-ology not long ago. Now I MUST go. It sounds grrreat.

  2. The cactus salad looks wonderful! And Pie-Ology sounds likewise yummy. You’re making me hungry!

  3. I wish we had a Pie-ology here…probably will get one in about 15 years. Yes, this town is so slow to bring in the newer places. We did get a Whole Foods about a year ago. Did I tell you the Cheddars restaurant here just stopped serving grilled cheese….makes sense, doesn’t it? That’s what I told the waitress.

  4. Simply wonderful stuff. Bravo. Now get the recipes. 🙂 Pie ology sounds like a super place too. We could all eat there. 🙂

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Pieology sounds like fun and the salad looks devine!

  6. joanie

    What a beautiful dish! I understand cactus is supposed to be one of the best foods for preventing high blood sugar (diabetes) according to Mexican tradition, they cook a lot with it. Also, bananas arre supposed to be an excellent way to keep your colon cleaned out. Turns out you’re supposed to EAT them.


    And, I must admit, gobsmacked.

    Way to go – now get back in the galley 🙂

  8. Amazing… love the idea! Maybe it will come here… and we can enjoy even better… pie-ology instead of all that bread.. “So do you need a world sidekick traveler partner” let me know anytime. lolol..
    Sounds magnetudious to say the least!!!

  9. bholles

    Sounds like you had a fun eating day.

  10. Rhonda

    Funny about pie-ology. I sat at the poker table in December with the guy that started the place. Nice guy and was going to actually franchise it up here as well.

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