Happy Birthday Cousin Valerie

Captain’s Log    5,798

Happy birthday to my cousin Valerie in New Jersey!  I haven’t seen her since about 1958 or 1959.  That would mkae us OLD!  We reconnected on Facebook after all these years and she is a HOOT!  She also looks like she belongs in our family.  I do not.  My mom always told me I looked like Leroy the Milkman.  Maybe there was something to that.

Anyway…..happy birthday, Valerie!


She has a smile that never stops.  Wahoo!

Another cause for WAHOO this morning is that it has finally started to rain.  The unfortunate side of that is we are having a big exhibit reception tonight at the museum, and rain really has an impact on attendance.  In another few hours, the rain that is being nice right now is going to turn into what we call a Pineapple Express.  It’s also called an atmospheric river.  We are going to get whacked pretty hard with non-stop rain for 48 hours.  Rain like that is devastating because the soil is really hard.  Flash flooding is a major concern.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if I didn’t have to work.  Many times, my route that takes me over the San Diego River floods.  The parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium often floods.


Makes game day a real challenge.  Certainly cuts down on tailgating!

san diego river flood

How I often go to work.  Maybe not today.

fashion valley flooded

Just downriver from Qualcomm Stadium near one of the shopping malls

golf course

Golf course on the other side of that mall

So yes, heavy rain is not fun here.  The beaches are also polluted for days because of the massive run-off.  A nice easy rain every other day for a few weeks would work just fine.  This stuff is incredibly challenging.

But hey, it’s not the end of the world.  Penny left for Montana this morning, and that was sad.  I wish she could come see me for vacation instead of business, but that’s not in the cards right now.  I visited her about a year and a half ago and we went to Yellowstone.  Road trips with Penny are hilarious!  I want to do more!

And…..yes……   I am going to Amsterdam next week.  Details to follow.


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29 responses to “Happy Birthday Cousin Valerie

  1. LC

    Here from Mage’s blog. Dramatic water photos. Scary stuff when you have get to work.

  2. Hi Poolie. I came here from Mage’s site. Some water you got there. The visit to Amsterdam should be fun. I have cousins in Den Hague. The Dutch know how to build dams. Dutch engineers working on the levees in New Orleans. Met kids are in San Diego county north of the city. Hope all of you are safe. Dianne

  3. Happy birthday Valerie. 🙂
    You were delightful at the opening. The water should be going down soon, and you can make it home to think about packing. 🙂

  4. joanie

    I think your cousin Valerie looks more like you than Mia does!
    Wow, the rain just started coming down like cats and dogs here in Santee. Shoot….left the cover off the barbecue.

  5. I hope you survived the inundation. We’re bracing for your leftovers here starting tomorrow or Sunday. It’s gorgeous tonight – I’ve got the bedroom window open to a gorgeous cool breeze. Hopefully it stays like that through tomorrow morning. If not, we’ll simply enjoy the rain.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    Cool re-connection with your cousin and happy birthday to her. That watery mess is a bummer. I suspect Cali was not meant to be developed, just not predictable.I hope the flooding isn’t too bad. Looks like NY will get a version of that storm… I am so not looking forward to more snow.
    Hooray Amsterdam!!!

  7. Patty O'

    Wow. A compatible cousin. What a concept. Sigh…

  8. maryz

    Be safe! and have a great trip!

  9. No need to say it again but I will. Take care while driving and good luck with your flight next week.

  10. Valerie

    Hee hee! “Hoot” is the exact word that I’ve used to describe you too! Thanks for the good wishes! So weird that we get along so well on FB and haven’t actually seen eachother since we were like 12(?)!!! Take care with the water situation. I’m nervous because I think Lauren is taking the Megabus from Pittsburgh to surprise me for my birthday today. She would go back Sunday, just when we’re supposed to be hit with yet another 12 inches of snow – don’t know if I should send her right back to avoid the weather or convince her to stay until Tuesday, but she’s boarding my granddog and has to be back at work on Tuesday. Great birthday at work – flowers, a gift, red velvet cake, crumb cake, Brandy Alexander Pie, and bagels this morning – always all about the food!

  11. Ter

    Want me to send you a snorkel? In all seriousness, hope all is well and be safe!

  12. She looks nice – happy birthday! I have nothing to say about floods – I am flood-commented out. Amsterdam! Woo hoo! xxx

  13. I am not a geologist. I don’t know a lot about water and water management. But it seems to me that the experts should be able to figure out a way to control the amount and paths of heavy rains…and reroute flooding to drought areas. Makes more sense to me than research into explosives.

  14. bholles

    Yes Valerie does look like a Brandes.

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