All For a Piece of Pie

Captain’s Log   5,796

The PR specialist said…....don’t do anything.  Do not attack back in the press.  If San Diego can forget about the horrendous intentional actions of our former mayor, Bob Filner, the city can certainly forget that your museum refused an offer to play in a bigger sandbox.  

He’s absolutely right.  And that advice only cost me a chef’s salad and a piece of chocolate cream pie.  


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14 responses to “All For a Piece of Pie

  1. What great value. Yes, to quote, “brilliant” indeed.

  2. I wanted to leave a comment on their rag of a paper but their website wouldn’t even stay on when I went there…..I think you got good advice. You don’t have to defend yourself or the museum, the success tells the story.

  3. It all goes back to what my mother used to tell me: Ignore them; you’re better than they are.
    You are lots better!

  4. Patty O'

    I went back and read a few more comments that were written after mine that I had been posted. They are ALL positive and they ALL have salient points. I don’t know if you are acquainted with all those folks or not, but a couple of them would seem to be good BOD candidates. Track them down! As for your advice swapped for salad and pie: BRILLAINT. That was a very good deal!

  5. I meant to say that, but forgot – don’t respond, don’t give the story ‘legs’. You are doing a brilliant job and the important people know that – let the idiots chat shit amongst themselves. Happy days xxx

  6. You can ALWAYS count on this nation’s collective amnesia. It’s how I still have a job, in fact. Don’t sweat it, kid – it’s all skittles and beer from here on out!

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