Fun Days

Captain’s Log    5,793

Such a fun day it was!  And it came right off the tail of another fun adventure on Friday.  Friend Sally invited me to go on the Seal Tour for a birthday surprise (since I could not take the time off last week)!  YAY!  It was hilarious!  Our guide was so much fun.  On the way back from the water tour, he cranked up the music and had us “dancing” in our seats to YMCA.  Huge fun.


Amphibious weird thing that can go on land or sea.  Truly odd.  I did this same type of tour in Toronto.

Montana Penny arrived Friday evening and we had a lovely light dinner and about four hours of constant chattering to catch up on all the news, etc.  I don’t see much of Penny when she is here on her yearly business trip, so she always schedules a special day for us to play.

We started with flapjacks at the San Diego Original Pancake House.  Heaven on a plate.


Thin, chewy, flavorful.  I felt like Paul Bunyan when I walked out of there.  Where’s Babe?

We fixed some Historic Highway 80 geocaches that needed attention, and then we headed off to the far reaches of east county to meet Spoon Man of Guatay.  Sounds weird.  But check out the photo.


A gallery full of hand-carved spoons, jewelry made from ancient coins, pottery, etc.  He has been doing this for 35 years in the middle of nowhere.  The gallery is called Tryyn which means “of the tree.”

We stopped at one of my favorite places in Alpine, California.  It’s the local cemetery.  There are no rules or regulations about what you can do there.  People decorate graves to their liking.  Things stay for a very long time.  This was on the grave of a child.

alpine cem

Little angel guarding from the stump of an old tree.  It was actually very sweet.

Then it was on to the taco shop for a snack.  Gotta have a snack.

alpine taco shop

Probably the best potato taco I have ever had in my life.  Probably.

Yesterday was also about finding geocaches.  We found four.  The last one took some serious crawling around in the dirt and sticking my hand into massive cobwebs inside an electrical housing box.  But hey, you do what you have to do.  It was worth it.

And the rest of this entry disappeared for some reason.  We went geocaching and we visited Friend Pam and the new little dog Isabella who now lives with her.  Damn!  Where did the entry go?

Okay.  Whatever.  Here are the photos.


Yes, I still do this.


Miss Isabella guards the wood chips.


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12 responses to “Fun Days

  1. What fun! The wooden spoon man looks to have an amazing inventory. I can’t imagine how the various shapes work, but sounds like each has its own respective purpose!

  2. susanna

    Loved reading about your fun days. Thanks for turning me on to the spoon man. I want to go.

  3. Yes, a fun and successful few days. Wonderful stuff indeed. Looking forward to seeing you Friday. 🙂

  4. Patty O'

    I am SO glad you went to visit Tryyn! He is such a wonderful man and he makes such beautiful things, living on his own terms and surrounded by beauty. Lovely! Alas, every time I visit I find something in the gallery that I must have. My very first Tryyn spoon – tiny thing for mustard and such – is about 30 years old! Who has spoons that are worthy of celebrating birthdays? Ha!

  5. What a great weekend you had. It sounds wonderful. So glad that Pam got a new furry friend. She reminds me of Sophia….I bet she is a busy little girl….

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