Cristy and Gail

Captain’s Log   5,790

I had a lovely time last night.  After meeting with the creative team for the symphony project, I headed over to my friend Cristy’s house for dinner.  We had not seen each other for a long time, and it was our date to catch up.  She travels a lot for work and also made a huge trip to Africa over the winter holidays, and I was anxious to hear all the stories.  Cristy is a fellow adventure-seeker, so we get along well.  In addition to her Africa travels, she spent some time in Amsterdam and Brussels as part of the trip.  That girl certainly had some itchy feet!

Imagine my surprise when she greeted me at the door with her new pal, Gail.  Gail is a twelve-year old Cairn terrier.  She has had quite a few teeth removed and she is almost completely deaf.  She is also an angel dog.  Cristy adopted her from the shelter and is giving this senior girl a lovely life now.  The poor little thing had been in the shelter almost six months before Cristy came along and rescued her.  Cristy has one of the biggest hearts in the world, so this didn’t surprise me in the least.  It is exactly something she would do.

So I got to meet Gail.  I tapped my knees to get her attention, and she immediately rolled over and wanted me to pet her tummy.  Ever so tender and sweet.  Cristy and Gail make a great team!


Two sweetie pies making a life together

We exchanged some gifts and I was delighted to get a Peruvian hat.  Cristy picked that up for me on one of her work excursions to South America.  It’s too warm to wear it right now, so Buddha is the model.

peru hat

Fetching and unusual.  Love it!

I love connecting with friends.  My soul is refreshed.  I listen and I am heard.  How wonderful is that?  Cristy is also on a non-processed food diet, so dinner was amazing and healthy.  An added bonus!  No-bake chocolate almond cookies sweetened with dates for dessert.  They were heavenly!


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22 responses to “Cristy and Gail

  1. poundheadhere

    What lovely times! And speaking of lovely times, did you by any chance see where I tagged you on FB about becoming a travel writer? I can;t think of anyone better suited!

  2. joanie

    Bless Cristy for adopting that adorable doggie. Looks a lot like my GrandDog.

  3. What fun to have a special friend like that. You are so blessed in your friends. And too, there is a movement to adopt older dogs from shelters, and I think it’s a grand idea. A retired lady down the street has done the same thing. 🙂

  4. susanna

    Christy does look great and the little dog is adorable. Good to hear about you guys getting together. You will look great in that hat. It takes a certain kind of head, shall I say, not a skinny one to make that hat look cute.

  5. Patty O'

    I am elderly-ish, available for rescue, and have all my teeth. Please advise.

  6. Ter

    I have a similar one my friend brought back from Peru. LOVE it! Great on frosty days. I’ll have to model it soon for you 🙂

  7. what a cute little companion for Cristy. I bet Gail is enjoying her new home. Love the hat… BIL once bargained in Peru to get one of the hats the llamas wear….He said it was the hardest negotiation he ever had. And he was a Navy Commander of the Procurement and Supply Operations.

  8. That hat may be too warm for you, but it surely would fit in here — under a waterproof hood, because it is snowing again. You could safe it for your next trip to Montana. 😎

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Thank god Gail gets to live her senior life with lots of love!

    Pen Pen

  10. Christy looks great. Glad you had fun.

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