Precious and Creepy

Captain’s Log    5,787

Just remember, especially on a day like today, that “precious” is relative.


Also remember that clowns can be creepy.   Sorry, Heinous

clown love

And here is the most random thing I could find for today.  An armless guy with hearts flowing out of his underpants.



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14 responses to “Precious and Creepy

  1. That’s really weird dear you.

  2. Happy Mush-day to you, too, lol.

  3. Yeah, that guy with the red hearted shaped boxers is creepy…Guess you have to “feel” the love? Euuw~! ::snicker:: I made myself laugh. LOL

  4. Patty O'

    Guess I’m just a sentimental old mush…

  5. The dude isn’t armless. They’re behind his back, no?

  6. farmgirl

    Well that’s just plain creepy! Do you normally start off valentines day looking for creepy things? Is so…let’s talk. 🙂 !!!!

  7. With you on this one. Yawn xx (Think my old-git-ishness may be showing)

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