Captain’s Log   5,783

I had a nice day yesterday.  Big Sister Mia bought me lunch at my very favorite place, Capriotti’s.  It’s not fancy or expensive, but I love the veggie turkey sandwiches.  I am such a cheap date – especially with a Groupon.


I was reading about the sandwich shop online, and some people are all upset that the veggie turkey sandwiches are not vegan.  If they were vegan, they would say VEGAN.  But they don’t.  They say VEGETARIAN.  It’s not like the store is trying to fool anyone.  It’s like people who are upset about peanuts on the airplane.  Don’t take them if you cannot eat them or if you don’t like them.  Places are not required to provide food for people on special diets.  It’s nice when they do, but hey.  If I go to Black Angus, I do not expect to find much on the menu.  I either accept that or I don’t go.

The best of all possible worlds is going to a completely vegetarian restaurant.  That is heaven for me.  But I blathered on about that whole thing last week.


I am sure glad I don’t live in the Midwest anymore.  Dang!  What a winter!  I will be content to live where we consider it “winter” when we break out the socks and the sweatshirts.  That is just fine with me.


Go USA in snowboarding!  Go the Netherlands in speed skating!  Go Russia in figure skating!  Go everybody who qualified for any team there!


I helped a friend set up recipes for her foodie blog yesterday.  She sent over some recipes and photos and I loaded them onto her site with the proper hot links.  It all works quite nicely and she is very happy.  YAY!  It’s nice when I can help out a friend with a project like this.  Every now and then I have a skill set that is useful.


I started my oven mitt on fire last night taking something out of the toaster oven.  Good thing it is a fireproof mitt.  It just sort of went POOF (and then a spark) and then it turned black.  No huge flames coming off the glove like the last time I did this.


The birds are back at the feeders.  I had to stop the gravy train when all the pigeons showed up.  I did not feed them over the summer, but the cafeteria is open again and everybody is thrilled.  Six cups of thistle seed a day.  Hungry birds.


Montana Penny is coming to visit me in a few weeks.  We always have such a good time.  I don’t really see her much because she is here on business, but we always have one special day of fun.


I need another road trip.  Desperately.



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7 responses to “Snippets

  1. But you just got home…:)

    Yes, being a good girl has it’s virtues. That never has been me in the past. The food blog….I couldn’t open the recipes. Will try again later.

  2. susanna

    Love the snippets. I will respond to the bird one. A hawk was sitting on my back fence this morning. It was awesome! That usually happens when I have baby doves in a nest in the rafters but it is not time for that yet. Maybe the black birds wore him out. I see great hawk/black bird wars in the sky now and then.

  3. Patty O'

    Someone asked me the other day: Just what IS winter like in Southern California? I said: We switch to closed-toed shoes.

  4. Why do I find it ironic that someone who can make a fireproof oven mitt go “POOF!” is being entrusted to help with a food blog in any capacity?

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