Olympic Ceremony

Captain’s Log    5,782

I was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night, and I could not help but draw a parallel to the concept of Metropolis during some of the surreal moments that paraded across the arena.  For example:

metropolis-travailleurs 2




Some of it was just plain creepy.  At least to me.


Radiation, anyone?

Sochi 2014 Olympic Games: Opening Ceremony

Candy Crush makes it to Sochi?

But the horses running across the sky were very VERY cool!



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20 responses to “Olympic Ceremony

  1. poundheadhere

    OH, and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. poundheadhere

    I didn’t even attempt it. Too late for me.

  3. those horses are so amazing! I want one. Maybe like a smaller replica that I could have on the bedroom wall. Who’s going to mass produce? Where is the American ingenuity? Otherwise, I don’t do sports.

  4. I liked the fact that it was mostly smaller than the China show. I liked the candy crush stuff. I loved the horses, and I went to sleep at about ten fifteen. Ah reality.

  5. joanie

    Interesting comparisons. The Olympics this year, in today’s dollar, after all the security measures that have had to take place (including surveilance in the hotel bathrooms) might end up rivaling Metropolis as being the most expensive film ever made up until that time.

  6. susanna

    I thought maybe I had missed something pretty. Thanks for the pictures. I’m with you, they are creepy I was thinking goodness, human warmth, beauty, nature, something real and uplifting for humanities sake but looks like you nailed it with metropolis, radiation and sugar…creepy..

  7. Patty O'

    I find the whole thing boring. Too much political blather and too many messes. Forbidden yogurt. Really? Putin does get Creep of the Year award. Yellow water. No door knobs. Enough already! Hello, reruns!

  8. I’m recording all of it and then I fast forward through the parts I don’t care about. I did see Evgeni Plushenko who I always loved to watch.

  9. bholles

    I did not watch it.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    I got bored with it. Yes the horses were cool and so were the Candy Crush replicas but I expected more and it didn’t happen.

    Pen Pen

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