Bastard Phone Charger Thing

Captain’s Log   5,779

You learn something every day.  When I got into my car yesterday, it didn’t want to start.  It was grinding and sputtering like cars do in sub-zero weather.  For a moment, I thought I was back in Minnesota.  It finally caught and I was able to drive.

It’s cold enough in Minnesota this year to create “caves” of ice on Lake Superior.  Magnificent stuff.  I have never seen these, but it would be a thrill.  Some Minnesota pals took a weekend journey up to the “caves” and had a wonderful time exploring the beauty.

ice caves

Can you imagine?

The closest I have come to seeing anything remotely like this was a few years ago when the birdbath froze in my back yard during a San Diego cold spell.

ice in bird bath

How’s that for magnificent?

But wait!  Why wouldn’t the car start?  Something was screwing up the battery.  Since I didn’t want to get stranded with a sick car, I drove it to the dealer.  They ran a diagnostic and couldn’t seem to find a problem.  Starter was fine.  Alternator was fine.  Battery was fine and was recharging beautifully.  Hmmmmmm……..  

And then…….they unplugged my phone charger from the adapter thing in the dashboard.  BINGO!


Little bastard device that was causing the problem

The phone charger had almost depleted my battery!  How?  I have had that plugged into my dash for almost five years and there has never been a problem.  But guess what?  There is a problem now.  I was completely unaware that those things could draw enough charge to drain a battery.  The technician said to NEVER leave them plugged in unless you are actually using the charger while the car is running.

You learn something every day.

Isn’t that a blessed thing?


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20 responses to “Bastard Phone Charger Thing

  1. joanie

    I always leave my charger plugged in both my car and at home! I’m removing them right now, never had a clue that it could drain a car battery!

  2. I never left my charger plugged in. I didn’t know for sure until now, but had a pretty good hunch. Do you also know the phone and computer chargers – any kind of charger – works the same way when you leave it plugged in at home, to an electrical outlet? Not that you’ll have your battery run down at home, but it DOES add to your electric bill.

  3. maryz

    “Nothing you learn is ever wasted!” (Whoops, wait a minute. Who said that?)

  4. What did they charge you?
    (HA! I live for lines like that!)

  5. Patty O'

    I’ll be darned. Who knew?

  6. That’s really good to know. I have a portable GPS that I use when I am not sure where an address is but I’ve never left it in the charger because I didn’t want it to be stolen. Now I am glad that I never did leave it in there.

  7. That’s worth sharing. Since I don’t have either a portable charger or a car, I guess I am safe. 😎

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