Dreaming of Karmic Justice

Captain’s Log   5,778

I’m back!  Vegas was great!  I was the only one at my table going crazy for the Seahawks.  That does not surprise me.  We underdogs stick together.  A lot of people got up and left after the half-time show.  Whatever.  I had fun.  There was a guy at the next table rooting for Seattle too.  We kept looking at each other.  He had bet a lot of money on the game and had won a bundle.  

I didn’t win a bundle.  I didn’t win anything, but at least I came home with enough coin in my pocket to buy groceries on the way home.  I cooked a simple vegetarian meal for myself last night.  Back to my routine of simple food.  Vegas is all about excess.  I am NOT a foodie.  Ask anyone.  I am just as happy with cheese and crackers and a diet soda as I am with anything else.  But I tag along with the gang.  The food at the Super Bowl party was almost entirely meat-based.  No spinach dip or nachos this year.  Pickings were really slim for me.  I had chips and dip, two ice cream bars, and a little football dessert thing.  I lived it up and had two regular sodas too.  But I am so used to it that I am completely surprised to find anything vegetarian.  I find that amazing in this day and age, but Vegas is a world unto itself.  I do not expect them to cater (no pun intended) to my needs.  In fact, I never expect anyone to do that.  I have tagged along to steakhouses, fish restaurants, etc.  I have made countless meals out of baked potatoes and salads.  

I also never ever EVER invite anyone to a vegetarian restaurant unless I am 1000% sure they will be happy with that choice.  But my home is a different story.  Meat is never prepared in my house.  You eat at my table, you will be served vegetarian food.  My domain.  My rules.  I give the same nod to Vegas.  They are not there to serve me and I do not expect them to do that.  They might catch the wave someday, but they are still very old-school.  As hip as they say say they are……it’s really not true.  Twerking in all-night dance clubs on the strip is not modern.  This type of thing has been going on in Vegas since 1905 (and then sort of legally in the 1950’s).  Well, maybe not twerking per se, but you get my drift.

I finally have my ice maker and filtered water working again.  The plumbers came yesterday and struggled with the project for almost two hours.  I won’t go into details, but they tried to charge me a ton of money AGAIN.  When I argued that my first service call was to repair the ice maker line and that never happened during that time, the guy was sweet and cut yesterday’s work order in half.  He quoted me a price and then he ran into difficulties with the project.  He had to run out for parts, etc.  He did not charge me for that time OR the parts.  I rewarded the guys (regular plumber and his apprentice) with two huge bags of lemons and a trip down into the bomb shelter.  I think those two lovely perks were worthy of a huge price break.  

The moment it was repaired and I turned the ice maker back on, everything started to hum.  Cold water out of the fridge again AND ice.  What a world.  

what a world

They also moved the fridge out so I had a chance to clean the nocky floor back there.  Ick.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.  It felt so nice to hear the ice falling into the container tub thing.  I am easy to please.  I really think if your fridge is equipped with an ice maker, it should work.

Speaking of work….it’s back in the saddle today.  Being off and carefree for four days was nice.  We are installing the new exhibit this week, so there is a lot to do.  And I’m sure the administrative brush fires have been burning in my absence.  I have no idea what the old Confederacy has been up to either.  I saw a few fellows in Vegas who would be very capable of convincing the old Confederacy to leave me alone, but that is rather risky and quite illegal.  But it was tempting to even consider it.  I had lovely daydreams when I gazed at these enormous men in sharp suits, wearing sunglasses in the dark rooms.  Yes, I know they would help me.  A girl can dream.  I have no trouble making friends with people like that.  In fact, I have in the past.  But not now.  Not now.  I have to wait for karma to kick in.



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15 responses to “Dreaming of Karmic Justice

  1. LOL Ice and giant bodyguards. Too cool. Veggies for dinner make for a more functional me. Clearer. G and I seem to be eating meat far less often as we get older. You got to go eat at Li’l Bee’s on El Cajon blved….other end of the block from the chicken pie shop.

  2. Patty O'

    Glad you are back and in a relaxed frame of mind. Now all you need is a really good meal from your own kitchen! Tell me please, do you like green chiles (poblanos, the mild ones)?

  3. poundheadhere

    Next time you visit, hopefully I’ll have a day off and you’ll have excellent vegetarian fare. There are so many options!

  4. Maybe next Super Bowl you should sneak in a container of hummus and crackers. Glad you go the ice maker working again. We have a old fridge in the basement w/an ice maker. I never use it although it is connected.

  5. I can’t believe you’re a die-hard, almost militant, vegetarian…and the only way you can think to prepare fresh Meyer lemons is by squeezing them into Diet Coke. I’m an almost exclusive insectivore and I know more uses for them than that! Very sad…very sad….

  6. bholles

    They did have spinach dip and nachos. Oh well. We had fun.

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