Mystery Solved

Captain’s Log   5,775

We got resolution.  We went up to the payroll company loaded for bear.  We were greeted by a woman who looked at me and said, “Just calm down.”  Wrong thing to say.  I fired back a salvo of reasons why I was NOT going to calm down.  She backed off.  She got a manager.  

The manager looked at all the emails and listened to our story.  He agreed there was a huge problem.  Okay.  That was progress.  He took it to HIS manager.  We were called into a private office in the back.  Progress.

The honcho guy agreed to open the file to see where the problem started.  It was amazing.  The problem started back in 2009!  The payroll company had listed OUR business manager as the CFO of the other museum!  Our former executive director was listed as an employee of the other museum.  I wasn’t even on the records at all for either place.

The person who caught this “sales error” is  someone newly hired by the payroll company.  She knew she was working with our business manager for our account, but when she saw her also listed as CFO for the other museum, she was confused.  She was merely trying to clarify who was who and what was what.  She was  as confused as we were.

So…..that was the database the sales people use.  It is not the database they use to process payroll.  We checked that too.  All of our employees are where they are supposed to be, including our business manager who is supposedly working for the other museum.   The manager was red-faced and upset and completely understood why we had been so confused and angry.  The sales database has had wrong information for the last five years.  He guaranteed me it would be fixed promptly.

Oh…..another thing……our main line phone number was also listed as the main line for the other museum.  No wonder the new sales lady was confused.  Without her looking into this, the error would have never been found.  We will be receiving a copy of the corrected information.  I found it strange that these contacts are not updated yearly when contracts are renewed.  He agreed.  He apologized for the whole company and their weird system that doesn’t link sales data with the working contracts.

So our data is safe.  Our employees are where they are supposed to be.  Nobody from the other museum authorized anything.  Apparently, they don’t even know how screwed up the sales data is either.

Once I get the adjusted information, I will write to the bigger honcho and ask for a significant “present” for my worry and upset.  I spoke with the judge on the board and he thinks a full year of payroll service is fair.  It’s less than the $500,000 I really wanted but hey…..I understand there was no malicious intent and nothing was compromised.

I must admit I was much calmer after the meeting.  I’m not too happy with the sloppy way our payroll company keeps contact records, but at least they are cutting checks to the right people for the right amount through the right account.  They have it half right.



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23 responses to “Mystery Solved

  1. Oh hurrah! I’d been sitting here worrying, and I’m bursting with good cheer now and enthusiasm.

  2. All hail the new girl. Though, in the movies, if she discovered a discrepancy, she’d end up swimming with the fishies. So, what does this mean? Is there money missing? People paid too much? Too little?

    • poolagirl

      No money missing. The sales accounts are not related to the working accounts. Weird system.

      • That’s a good thing. Many years ago, I was in charge of doing payroll for my staff to bring to the main office so we could get checks issued. I stumbled upon “uniform deductions” that we didn’t know about… turns out the company (or someone within it) was trying to bilk money out of the pockets of the poor slumps working for them.
        Uniform maintenance fees my ass. I washed them, I repaired them when needed, I ironed them. That was a bogus charge that we had never had before nor were notified they’d take it out.
        I got a whole couple of dollars back… it was great.

  3. My response to that would be to find another bookkeeping company NOW . No, there was no malicious intent, but there was clearly ineptitude and irresponsibility. Do you really want THAT in the company that handles your payroll???

  4. joanie

    Wow, what a mess! Glad it’s done.

  5. susanna

    Great news. I am running the scene in my mind of the lady saying, Just calm down! That is a trigger sentence if I ever heard one! I’m glad you gave her a ration of going up and over her with your justified indignation!
    I want to hear about the compensation for their screwed up system. Yea! you deserve it.

  6. Patty O'

    Glad to know there was no evil intent, although stupidity if a weak defense.

  7. I agree with requesting significant free service which will give you time to search for another payroll source if they don’t do what they said. Glad it could be explained. And good thing the new employee questioned what she found or this could have gone on for years.

  8. maryz

    Glad you were able to get things resolved. Now to see how they want to “make it worth your while” to stay with them. Good girl!

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Glad mystery is solved and it doesn’t sound like someone was trying to undermine you but I would still seriously consider looking into other Payroll Services if it was my choice. Of course, a year of free service might make me not look into other companies.

    Pen Pen

  10. Oh, yes, I would ask for a significant amount to compensate for their errors. And I would also want extended oversight for how well they are fixing it.

  11. Ter

    I would’ve thought they’d have kept better inter audits or whatever you wanna call it. That’s a pretty big misstep for far too long. Thankfully it looks like things are being resolved!

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