Breach of Trust

Captain’s Log     5,774

The more I learn about the payroll issue, the more angry I become.  I have not received a call of explanation from anyone.  My office manager and I are going to their offices today to raise some holy hell.  If that doesn’t work, we will get a court order.  Easy enough to do.  We have a judge on our board.

They cried “confidentiality” when they spoke to my business manager.  What about OUR confidentiality?  What a bunch of asshats.  I have a right to know what happened.  These people work for ME, dammit!  And yes, they committed an illegal act.  We can go to court.  And we will win.  We might just sue them for $500,000 or so.  I have a feeling they would settle that one out of court.

This just might be the mistake the bad guys made in all their scheming.  I am sure this was planned months ago and someone forgot to cancel the order with the payroll service.  That is my guess.  I am speculating that they assumed they would have the deal sewn up by February 1st.  It would not have looked good to fire my entire staff during the holidays.  I’m sure we were all supposed to be terminated quickly after our payroll was moved into their system.  This might be their fatal error.  


Achilles says…….Shit!  If it isn’t this damn tendon, it’s my goofing up with the payroll service!

I am weary of all of this.  So weary.  I cannot wait to head off for Vegas on Friday for a long weekend of Super Bowl fun with Big Sister Mia, my nephew, and some good friends.  



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16 responses to “Breach of Trust

  1. After re-reading your post this morning, I must say Achilles certainly was a fine figure of a man.

  2. WOW…yes, if they don’t grovel right then and there when you walk in the door, do it to em. Friday will be heaven. I wish we could help.

  3. George

    Press charges through the DA and also sue them, Go for 1 million.

  4. Patty O'

    Definitely time to pull up your cast iron panties and go to war. YOU GO, Paula! We are all with you in this!

  5. poundheadhere

    What a fiasco. I hope you can get things remedied not only for the museum, but for yourself. Last I heard, slander against you personally can still pull in some pretty significant lawsuit settlements. It’s past time.

  6. maryz

    Sounds like publicity is your best weapon (along with the truth, of course). Dastardly guys always hate to be out in the open. Waiting along with everybody else to hear the outcome.

  7. I would most definitely make it public. What other organization may be in danger of a similar attack.

    I used to look at news of people who were being indicted for “improper use of funds” in places where I had applied for jobs. I was always thankful that I didn’t end up there, but I also thought, “Ignorant! If you had hired me, you would have been safe.”

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Yep, go for at least a million. If you take this to the press, this payroll service can kiss their business good-bye. Go get them girl and let us know how you made out!

    Pen Pen

  9. Can’t wait to hear what happened when you and the office manager walked through the Payroll Company Door. I bet they were “sh* ting and Getting..” Or else, they tried to make you wait. And don’t leave without a cashier’s check for your entire account. I’d sue for a MILLION DOLLARS for cruel and unusual punishment, illegal tampering with your funds and POSSIBLE EMBEZZLEMENT, AND whatever else your attorney can come up with including paying the museum’s legal fees.
    Next stop the attorney’s office and the Court House for the Court Order to Cease and Desist.

  10. Yikes. Who knew museum-ing was such a dirty world? Hugs xxx

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