Another Compromise

Captain’s Log   5,773

It just gets more complicated.  Long story short, our payroll may have been compromised because of some actions of the Confederacy.  Fortunately, we caught it in time (hopefully) – before our entire payroll disappeared into someone else’s system.  What they are doing now can be considered a felony.   I am just about to peel off my gloves and do a little face punching.  No Zen for me this morning.

I contacted the mayor’s office to let them know what is happening.  Apparently, the scheming started over a year ago when his office met with some of the players.  He assured me that we have nothing to worry about.  The city would never throw us out the door with the bath water.  He asked me to put my concerns in writing.  I sent a 2-page letter of our achievements and goals – and a copy of our audited financial statements.  He assured me that the city council thinks highly of our museum and the changes we have made.  Our position is safe and no bullies in the world will be able to just grab us away.

So now I get to deal with the payroll service.  Three months ago, they sent our paychecks to the wrong place, and now they started a process to transfer our data to another company.  This is not fun.  I am STEAMING angry.  They keep telling me they don’t know who authorized the transfer.  That is total bullshit, and I will get to the bottom of it.  If I don’t get satisfaction today, I will report them to the Better Business Bureau.  I am also ready to retain counsel and go after them with both guns blazing.  

I can only be nice for so long. 


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19 responses to “Another Compromise

  1. Call the district attorneys office.
    Boy, we care.

  2. poundheadhere

    It’s about to hit the fan. Wear your raincoat and bring an umbrella. You don’t want to get their sh** on you when they fly through.

  3. Patty O'

    YES, Time to have an attorney onboard NOW. And by “the press” do you mean Doug Manchester/UT? There ARE other members of the press out there… Gloves OFF, girl!

  4. Yes, it is definitely time to take the gloves off. The payroll company has to show that someone approved the transfer and I am sure YOU and another person at the museum are the only ones who have that authority. Time to move all that money into another SAFER place. Glad to hear the mayor’s office is making a paper trail on the museum’s accomplishments too. I think you should get your attorney involved now….perhaps a legal letter might show them you are not playing….

  5. They don’t know who? Nothing is safe anymore. When I did payroll using a payroll company and I was in the hospital, I still had to authorize having someone else talk to them. Had I not been able to do so, the contact would have been president of the company; we simply did not make it easy access.

    it is time to change your payroll company.

  6. maryz

    Go get ’em! I’d hate to have you after me.

  7. Sounds like you need a new payroll company.

  8. goatbarnwitch

    Oh my, that is all bad bad bad, except for the good parts about the museum being a happy thing for the city. I agree that the press would have a field day with that situation if you need to go that route. Good luck!

  9. Penny Tushingham

    OMG. They are messing with confidential information. Wouldn’t the press have a field day with that.

    Pen Pen

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