Needing Zen on Monday

Captain’s Log   5,772

Back in the saddle here.  Anneke and I Skyped this morning. She is back in the Netherlands safe and sound.  She is very very VERY tired, but we discussed jet lag when she was here.  It’s the price you pay for adventure.  If you want adventure badly enough, you will go the distance (no pun intended).  Being jet lag tired is not the worst thing in the world.  Once you get where you are going, it is soon forgotten.   I’ve experienced that enough to know it’s true.  The worst experience I ever had was when I flew back from New Zealand.  I fell asleep right on the table when I was having dinner with Big Sister Mia the day after I got home.  PLUNK.

It’s going to be a busy week for me.  I have a $50,000 grant to write before Thursday.  Plus we have a new exhibit to launch next week.  Plus I have been gone for a week.  Did I mention I am leaving again on Friday for the annual Super Bowl party in Las Vegas?  God, I am a brat!

And then…..we got more bad press.  My staff tried to shield me from it while I was gone, but I saw it this morning.  People just cannot seem to leave us alone because we choose to remain independent.  Since when is that a crime?   I just don’t get it.  We are NOT failing!  We ended our fiscal year almost $500,000 in the black.  Our recent fundraiser brought in almost $70,000.  We have zero debt.  We signed a 25-year lease with the city.  We refinanced our off-site property for 2% less than we had been paying.   The staff is stable.  Donations are way up.  Our membership increased by almost 100 in the last six weeks.  Our assets remain stable at 2.4 – 2.6 million dollars a year.  I just don’t get it.  We are not big or glitzy.  But dammit, we are fun and exciting!  But people with huge money want our building and our stuff.  They want to fire our entire staff and build a glass edifice that will amaze and dazzle people for centuries.  Well guess what?  You don’t need a glass edifice to be great.  No offense to my male friends, but that is such a “man thing.”  And guess what?  This is all being orchestrated by a bunch of wealthy men.  I am not surprised.  

Wealthy men are used to getting what they want and they play dirty games to make things happen.   It’s been that way for centuries.  Wealth is power.   As a woman in my position in a VERY male institution, I have to be twice as effective to be considered half as good.  Interestingly enough, many of the major car museums in this country are run by……women who are twice as good!  What does that say?  Maybe we really DO know what we are doing!  Perchance?  Maybe we women understand the concept of MUSEUM versus some rich guy’s fancy car collection he wants to store in a nice glass edifice for 10 years or so.  I saw the writing on the wall from the very beginning.

Fortunately, the Confederacy of Dunces are no longer at the helm.  They are the ones making all the noise right now….carrying on in the press about stupid we are, how awful the museum is, how short-sighted we are, yadda yadda yadda.   Sore losers all the way around.  

Funny thing……I got a butt dial on Saturday from the guy (former Dunce) who wrote the latest vitriolic piece.  He did not mean to call me, and when I saw the number on my screen, I called back immediately.   I had not yet seen his nasty printed piece.  He was amazed that I was friendly and wanted to talk with him.  He ASSUMED I was loaded for bear.  Not the case.  I had not seen the bear and I was not armed with any weapon other than charm.  

We will continue to take the high road.  There is less traffic there.  Naturally, I came up with a great come-back that I know I will never ever use, but do admit I had fun thinking it up.  “I just cannot play at your level, sir.  I just cannot.  You have me.  I will admit that I need fresh air when I breathe.  I cannot survive under the surface of indecency like you.  Hats off.  You win.”  I know it would be a gem to unload this one…..but I also know it would be disastrous for me to say something like that.  So I won’t.  I will stay charming and kind…..on the high road.  

I really need to find my Zen and stay focused…… for such nonsense that plagues us at the moment serves no purpose but to erode confidence and joy.


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23 responses to “Needing Zen on Monday

  1. joanie

    It’s really sickening that anyone with ulterior motives or a strong competive nature or even a very large envy bone can go online and write disparaging comments about someone else’s business, product, or service for everyone to read. That’s why I almost NEVER pay attention to those losers who write this kind of vitriol, especially when all the commentary surrounding it are the exact opposite! If somebody really has a problem, be a man and write to the person who offended you, not to everyone else! What he did was totally foul play. Terrible business acumen. To hell with him.

  2. susanna

    You have done a spectacular job with the Museum. Your creative handprint is all over the place in the exhibits, the fundraisers and God knows what all that I don’t know about. It is truly about power and money period. I like the idea of another newspaper putting up an opposition. Good things need to be printed. Send me a personal email. I used to do letters to the editor and would enjoy writing a positive view of the museum.

  3. Valerie

    Your staff must truly love working for you – that they tried to protect you from seeing the piece. Also, I love the taking the high road because there’s less traffic there – I hope I get to use that line someday!!

  4. He must have been astounded by your call. Glad you are back at the helm. Yes, and the new upcoming show is going to be a great hit. Every GUY in town will be drooling ….even some ladies.

    Yes, hugs and love, and you can find one of my birthday presents to G on Facebook as a photo album of him from 2 to 60. 🙂

  5. Patty O'

    Where was the vitriol released? Was it correctly attributed? Through which channels is it circulating? Why can’t somebody other than you reply? If the things you mention in the 3rd paragraph are all public knowledge why couldn’t anybody use that same info to retaliate and question motives? You don’t have to abandon the high road to stick up for yourselves…or allow a disinterested 3rd party to stick up for you!

  6. Excusing men’s bad behavior with “it’s a guy thing” is getting really tired. Even LL Cool J said, last night at the Grammy Awards, “Men, you’d better behave.”
    Maybe someone should remind those guys, the ones who have money to throw away, that there are a myriad of worthwhile causes to which they could throw it.

    • poolagirl

      I’m not excusing it as a “guy thing.” I am really starting to understand that it’s what they really think, feel, and do. Not all men, mind you. But enough of them to make life pretty darn miserable right now. Men, for the most part, are impressed with big buildings with their names on them. Cars with big engines. Power power power. They fail to realize that real power comes from within. Not excusing it at all. Identifying it as a gender-specific “condition” that I will never understand.

  7. You babes are so cute when you get indignant! Seriously, the heel stomp, the flounce, the whole “girl thing”. It’s just too precious! Can I get a collective “Awwwwwww” here? ‘Atta girl 🙂

  8. They will never learn. I’ve often thought that women should be running our country…and even the world. We can multi-task and we do think ahead. Most of us would never want to sent our children into battle and many of us would try to work out the world problems. However, it’s the men who are jealous of our skills who never get the big picture. Congratulations on all the things you and your staff have accomplished. I’m sure you have many more ideas in mind too. Enjoy the Super Bowl….and please give Mia a big hug from me when you see her again.

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