The Party’s Over……YAY!

Captain’s Log    5,768

And a fine time was had by all.  Even though I was too wound up to eat even one bite of food, I heard it was great.  Five catering companies donated food stations.  Nothing Bundt Cakes donated a few sweets too.


Silly name for a store but the cakes are gorgeous!

We are still doing the accounting, but it looks like we made almost $60,000.  Once we back out expenses, we might see $45,000 or so.  It’s not a huge amount of money, but the public relations aspect of the evening is invaluable.  After the bad press of the last few weeks, it was certainly nice to see support from really heavy hitters in town.  There were some very influential people at the event.  Good to see such visible support.  Several people came up to me and said they are going to write letters to the editor in our defense.  I hope they do.  

It was nice to see the guys in tuxedos and the ladies in cocktail attire.  That doesn’t happen frequently, but when it does……everyone looks so nice.  I didn’t even recognize some of our mechanics because I have never seen them without their hats on.  WOW!  We had elegant live jazz/oldies music for the first 90 minutes too.  It was a classy event all the way around.  I was so very pleased.  I had on gold and black slippers, black crepe slacks with a gold thread, and a gold lame top.  I finished the ensemble with a black and gold necklace.  I looked like the wife of King Midas.

Today, I am so very tired.  And so very glad it’s all over.  I work at the doctor’s office today and then it’s time for play for the rest of the week (except for a brief stop at the museum on our way out of town to tie up a few loose ends).  SO looking forward to just getting out of town.  It’s really the only way I can relax.

I was also interviewed by the FBI yesterday.  I cannot say why.  But I can say it was interesting.  I guess I can cross that off my bucket list.  Thank goodness it wasn’t about me.  Oy!

Off to adventures for the rest of this lovely Sunday!


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12 responses to “The Party’s Over……YAY!

  1. Congratulations! The event sounds like it was very high class. I hope those heavy hitters do write letters to the editor and sing the praises of the museum and the director. Your ensemble sounded tres chic!

  2. joanie

    So glad everything went well. Have a wonderful time on your road trip.

  3. susanna

    Your outfit sounds terrific. I’ve never seen you dressed fancy. I want pictures!! Congrats on the successful evening.

  4. Patty O'

    Wow! OH, how I would love to have the proceeds of that level of a fundraiser! SO glad it was such a success.

  5. It does indeed sound as if you did a great job; you must have had decent help, but we all know someone has to be in charge.

    Enjoy your time off. You have certainly earned it!

  6. maryz

    Sounds like you threw a great party. Hooray! You and Anneke deserve a great vacation.

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