Lemons for Dangerspouse

Captain’s Log    5,767

Good thing I didn’t call this Flowers for Algernon.  I think Lemons for Dangerspouse is quite fine.  I felt like being a photographer this morning.   I took shots of lemons and the single rose that is blooming in the back yard.  The gardener cut all the roses down to nubbies except one.  This is what I was able to save.

pink rose

Pretty pretty.  And a very cooperative model this morning.

I love taking pictures of my garden.  It changes every day and gives me so much pleasure!  The lemon tree becomes a true thing of beauty when it’s ready for harvest.  I found a cluster of lemons this morning.  It’s very odd for lemons to grow like this.  The weight is bringing down the entire branch.

So, in honor of Lemonus Aurelius (Dangerspouse), I took a shot of the lemon cluster.  He makes the most amazing lemon things.  Soup, tarts, etc.  I pretty much slice them up and put them in my Diet Coke.  This just proves it takes all kinds to spin this world.

 lemon wreath

Maybe I should hang this on my door.

Too bad Mr. Spouse isn’t here.  He could have 100 lemons for free.   Too bad for you, Mr. Spouse!   I will chant your name every time I pick one.

Busy busy around here.  Anneke rode the trolley to the Mexican border yesterday.  I think you only need to do that once to get it out of your system.  It’s a long ride and it can be scary at times because of the gangs that ride.  But she is the intrepid traveler and probably didn’t even think twice.  Glad she was safe.

Off to the salt mines.   



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22 responses to “Lemons for Dangerspouse

  1. Don’t you make fresh lemonade with the lemons? After all, it looks like life (and the tree) have handed you lemons!

  2. Outside my door I see an entirely grey world. It is a relief to my eyes to see your lovely roses and lemons. Hmm…lemon meringue pie?

  3. I have to tell you that when I showed this post to NewWifey(tm) last night, her first reaction was, “Oh my god – she’s growing Asian scrotums!”

  4. susanna

    Oh the good old days of dancing in a safe night club on Ave. Revolucion. But that was back in the late 50’s. I go waaaay back. Today, no way Jose.
    Sad. It was a festive place back in the day.

  5. poundheadhere

    I did the tour bus from San Diego to (and into) Tijuana once, but it was 35 years ago. I feel doubly sad for the merchants in the border towns. There are no American tourists any more – no making a living that way.

  6. Patty O'

    A wreath of Meyer lemons would be a beauteous thing for sure!!!

  7. Lemon tree very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet
    but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat….. Yeah, right!

  8. A funny (?) thing occurred this past week. I went to my favorite supermarket to buy a lemon or two. I bought none, as they were $1.49 each. I don’t need them that badly.

    A few days later we stopped in at Trader Joe’s, and I thought I’d check the price of lemons. A bag of lemons was $1.59, but for $1.69 I got a bag of Meyer lemons (four in a bag). So there! Big market, you’re not as smart as you think you are.

  9. Did she go into Mexico to see the shops?

    I think the long ride through East San Diego is worse. 🙂

  10. *sob*
    I really hate living in the Antarctic, you know that? Other than the penguins, there’s just not much going for it. And even the penguins can be rather moody at times. What I wouldn’t give for a fecund Meyer lemon tree like you have outside my igloo!

    Oh well, I suppose it’s all for the best. I’d only go overboard and eat so many of them that I’d die of acidosis. Then my other tart, NewWifey(tm), would be sad. And she doesn’t know how to cook penguin.

    BTW, I haven’t forgotten your return package. I just, y’know, keep drinking away the postage money. Expect it when you see it, as Gandalf said.

    And…what a beautiful garden you have. Even without the lemons 🙂

  11. bholles

    She was very brave. I did that once I think with you and it was scary.

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