Too Fookin’ Busy Right Now

Captain’s Log   5,766

Up before dawn editing exhibit materials for the upcoming show (Muscle Cars).  As if I didn’t have enough to do.  I also entered the museum in a national competition.  A conference for automotive museums will be held in March in Los Angeles.  I went to the one in Lincoln, Nebraska last year.  We did not enter any of the competitions.  When I saw who won, I realized that we have a good chance of bringing home a trophy.

So……..  I have been writing project descriptions, goals, and measured success stories for our Corvette exhibit, our electronic newsletter, and our collateral materials.  All of that needs to be shipped out next week.  I have everything ready to go except the 20 photos of the Corvette exhibit.

It’s good that I wake up early every morning with a highly-functional brain.  It is my most creative time when I do my best work.  I am not a midnight writer.  I just have no juice at that hour.  Early morning for me.  I’ve been up for three hours and have already completed five projects.  Uber lightning speed!  If I ever decide to become a real writer, I will write from 6:00 in the morning and knock off at noon.  Not bad.

Off for another busy day.  Thank goodness Anneke is easily amused and proficient at setting off on her own.  We start our real adventures next week.  So excited to get out of Dodge!


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6 responses to “Too Fookin’ Busy Right Now

  1. goatbarnwitch

    go with it and rock your world!

  2. I’m sure you have an excellent chance to win….Good luck. Glad you are having fun too.

  3. The heck with ‘Vettes. Stick an Equus Bass 770 in the middle of the floor and they’ll practically throw the trophy at you. (And was “outta Dodge” an intentional play on the car theme? Even if it wasn’t, I’m giving you extra credit.)

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