The Anneke Chronicles – Part Two

Captain’s Log   5,765

We are having FUN!  Jet lag has not been too challenging, so we have been able to do lots of stuff.  Yesterday, Anneke joined my book club meeting.  She had read the book so she could enter into the discussion too.  Very nice.  All the ladies showed up so she got to meet everyone.

Then, we went book shopping with Big Sister Mia.  With my tight schedule, this is probably the only time Mia will get to see Anneke, so we made it fun.  Mia sent us off into the store to look for certain books she needs for her massive collection of over 500 yet-unread books.  That’s right.  She is that far behind in her reading.

I present to you… sister…..the bag lady.

bag lady barb

Two-fisted book bagger!  I think she bought 15-20 or so.  Not sure.

We also managed to pop into Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) to look around and marvel at cheese that is $18.00 a pound.  Anneke bought stuff to make a special meal.  It will be nice to have a gourmet cook in my kitchen for once!

I work a crazy schedule this week with the fundraiser on the horizon.  Last minute preparations,etc.  I just want to get through it and take off next week for a road trip.  Most absolutely!

I did some editing from home this morning.  It’s so much easier to edit work-related materials in the comfort of my own office.  No phones ringing, no people popping in with insane questions, no need to make nice on a moment’s notice when someone needs me for something.  Much easier.  I got my work done this morning in just under and hour.  That would have taken an entire afternoon at the museum.

Daylight is burning!


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10 responses to “The Anneke Chronicles – Part Two

  1. poundheadhere

    I love it all – bag lady, Whole Paycheck, $18 cheese and book club. Your life is a whirlwind on full tilt, all the time!

  2. What a cute bag lady…says Mage waving. What fun you two are having already. We will see you at the fund raiser. More waves…..

  3. Patty O'

    You sure can cram a lot into a single day!

  4. Penny Tushingham

    Hope you do an bathroom interview with Anneke. You haven’t done one of those in a long time.

    Pen Pen

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