The Anneke Chronicles

Captain’s Log    5,764

Anneke is here!  Anneke is here!  Did I say that Anneke is here?

Here’s a snap from our last visit.  I haven’t snapped anything yet for this adventure.

anneke and poolie on the farm

At first I thought Anneke was waving and then I realized she was hanging on for dear life!

She arrived a bit early which was nice.  We went home and got settled in.  After a light meal of soup and cornbread, she tucked into the guest room to sleep off her jet lag.  That was almost 12 hours ago.  If I don’t hear something soon, I am going in there to slip a mirror under her nose.

We don’t have much planned for today.  She needs to get some American money and buy a cell phone she can use to call her hub unit easily and cheaply.  Keeping it simple and easy.  Probably call it an early night again.  I really had issues with jet lag when I flew back from Amsterdam, and I only went as far as Chicago.  I can imagine how she feels.

I am planning an all-American breakfast this morning.  Eggs, home fries (cooked from real taters, not frozen), more cornbread with butter and honey, strong coffee, fresh mango, and juice.  That should keep us going until it’s time for coffee and cookies later in the day.  I love having company because I really DO enjoy cooking.  I don’t do complex things but they taste good.

She brought me chocolate!  And a cool book about Amsterdam!  And a collectible little bottle of booze (#92) from the plane!  YAY!  I love presents!  Especially excellent chocolate, book, and collectible Dutch house presents!  YAY!  

anneke gifts

I am so blessed to have such good people in my life!

I am also loving this morning without an agenda.  Holy momma that feels nice!


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21 responses to “The Anneke Chronicles

  1. It’s sunday, and I hope the two of you are waking to sunshine out there. We are off shortly to find something G’s size, and you can check us out on the 18th.

  2. susanna

    Welcome Anneke, That is the consummate Dutch name! It almost beats out Pippi Longstockings. You gals have a vundebar time and isn’t the weather just perfection!

  3. Patty O'

    Welcome, Anneke! I know, Paula…take her geocaching! That would be different and a bit of an adventure! Have a wonderful visit.

  4. Yay for friends who get to visit from overseas! Anneke and you will be having so much fun together!

  5. Welcome to Poolies, Anneke. I know you two will have a wonderfully recorded series of adventures. Old friends are special, and Poolie’s friends are extra special.

  6. joanie

    Welcome to San Diego, Anneke! I hope Paula still intends to bring you to the Salon so I can meet you! Hope you two have a wonderful time, I know you will wtih that crazy girl!

  7. maryz

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time! Don’t get her into too much trouble.
    (If you come here, you can drive our son-in-law’s John Deere tractor.)

  8. WELKOM IN AMSTERDAM Anneke! I hope I typed that correctly and didn’t insult Anneke…..Anyway, your plans already sound great. Hebben een prachtige dag!

  9. Bex

    Chocolate from Amsterdam? Oh My Heavens… have a bite for me!

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