Cheap Shot By a Gang of Bullies

Captain’s Log   5,762

People who take cheap shots at others do that because their “victims” have something they want.   There was some public smudging in the press today that directly affect me and has affected me for quite some time.  Nasty stuff that reflects a lack of honorable losing.  Sad.  We will prevail.  We have nothing to hide.  

It does drain my soul a bit, however.  Tiresome burr under the saddle.  I have better things to do than worry about someone’s interpretation of a situation.  As Terry Cole Whittaker once said, “What you think of me is none of my business.”  Pretty damn wise.



This disco song comes close to hitting the mark.  I just like the surviving part.  We all should.\


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32 responses to “Cheap Shot By a Gang of Bullies

  1. *Hugs* I wish I could turn the bullies away, but they’d simply choose another target. Here’s hoping the bullies get to have a personal introduction to karma, soon.

  2. joanie

    Bullies suck! We’ll talk on the 17th. In the meantime, do you want me to go over there and flatten their tires? I’m not sure how to do that, but I could try. Maybe I could use my rattail comb!

  3. I wanted to leave the shortest comment in history, but I think “F*¢ĸ ’em” has already been used.

  4. susanna

    I empathize with you my friend and strangely in one of your more sensitive blogs I had one of my biggest laughs… was your remark about the longest comment in history!! I did enjoy the lengthy genocide song; the point was well taken, again and again and again but sometimes yoru pointed comments just cap things off to a tea! When it comes to you I am most definitely on the side that LOVES YOU!

  5. Valerie

    Hey – I’m a JERSEY girl! Who do I have to hurt and do you want them to be found or end up with Jimmy Hoffa?

  6. Do we get a link?
    So sorry dear you. We care.

  7. goatbarnwitch

    Some love drama no matter if it is hitched to reality…. I have dealt with “Talk” and I always find myself sitting back and asking myself if I have any discomfort or grey areas. Generally the answer is NO and I turn away from the foolishness because to engage is to fuel the thing that needs to end. So sorry you are dealing with this sort of stuff. I know you will be fine but it just stinks that you are having to expend energy on this sort of thing.

  8. Hate to think of anyone giving you a hard time. Sending massive hugs and love xxx

  9. Some kind of coincidence: the local radio station played “I Will Survive” this morning. And I thought, “yes, I will.” You will too.

  10. Those who can,,,,DO. THOSE WHO CAN’T….TALK NONSENSE.
    Go for the zen.
    Which brings to mind a little song from CHICAGO. (PARDON MY CHANGES…..)
    They had it coming, they had it coming
    They had only had theimselves to blame
    If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
    I betcha you would have done the same

    Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh, Cicero, Lipschitz!

    You know how people have these little habits
    That get you down like Ernie
    Ernie like to chew gum, no, not chew, Pop

    Like, I come to a meeting this one day and there’s Ernie
    Sittin’ at the table TALKIN’, no, not JUST TALKIN’, ….LYING!
    So, I said to him, I said
    “Ernie, you LIE LIKE THAT one more time” and he did

    So I took the shotgun off the wall
    And I fired two warning shots INTO HIS HEAD.
    He had it coming, he had it coming
    He only had himself to blame

    I me ZEKE Young from San Francisco about two years ago
    And he told me he needed a job and we hit it off right away
    So, we started workin’ together

    He’d go to work, he’d disappear, I’d talk to him calmly, we’d have a conversation.
    Then I found out, joblessmy ass
    Not only was he employed, well, he worked for the newspaper!
    One of those Right-fighters, you know

    So that day, when he came to work
    I brought him some coffee…as usual as I gve him his work for the day.
    You know, some guys just can’t hold their arsenic

    He had it coming, he had it coming
    He took advantage of my time
    And then he used it and he abused it
    It was a murder but not a crime

    Now, I’m standing in the lobby
    Putting out the “Hands off” signs
    And in storms another employee in a jealous rage
    “You been favoring the others!”

    He says and he kept sayin’
    “You been favoriting the others”
    Then he ran into my knife
    He ran into my knife TEN TIMES!

    If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
    I betcha you would have done the same

    But did you do it?
    Uh uh, not guilty

    My right hand helper and I had this double team
    And my Board was supposed to assisted us when we had a project.
    With the last big project in our plan
    We had 20 big car owners in our world

    Every type of car you could imagine.
    Low-riders and convertibles, one right after the other
    Well, this one night we were in a board meeting

    All of us, we were in this board meeting
    Talkin’ and plannin’, eatin’ snacks and havin’ a few laughs and we ran out of pretzels….So I went out to get some

    I come back, open the door
    There’s two of the Board members
    Talkin’ trash and tellin’ more lies about me.

    Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out
    I can’t remember a thing, it wasn’t until later
    When I was washing the blood off my hands
    I even knew they were dead

    They had it coming, they had it coming
    They had it coming all along
    I didn’t do it,BUT IF I DONE IT…
    How could you tell me that I was wrong?

    I loved ONEGUY. He was a real artistic guy, sensitive, a WRITER
    But he was always trying to promote himself
    He go out every night looking for favors
    And on the way, he found some more of the same types.

    I guess you can say he left the museum because of artistic differences
    He saw himself as alive and I saw him dead

    The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum
    The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum

    They had it comin’, they had it comin’
    They had it comin’ all along
    ‘Cause if they used me and they abused me…
    How could they tell me that I was wrong?

    He had it coming, he had it coming
    He only had himself to blame
    If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
    I betcha you would have done the same

    You pop off that mouth one more time
    Unemployed my ass.
    Liar, Liar…., pants on fire.
    Artistic differences, yeah right!
    I betcha you would have done the same

  11. Penny Tushingham

    There is all this talk about kids and bullying. People don’t realize they learn it from their parents!

    Pen pen

  12. Give me a call and fill me in on the nitty-gritty.

  13. maryz

    Sorry about this. You know we love you!

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