Captain’s Log   5,760

I discovered this amazing YouTube champion a few years back.  She was doing a little cooking show at the time, and since then, she has expanded her world ten-fold.  Her name is Hannah Hart.  Her video series is called Follow Your Harto.  She inspires me even though she is just a puppy.  She is all about adventure.  She also has a very serious side that I find compelling in one so young.

I subscribe to her stuff.  She makes me laugh.  She’s in Australia right now doing amazing things.  She started a fundraising campaign on one of those internet sites and raised over 4 times what she wanted.  She is a testimony to what can happen when you accept your quirks and believe in yourself.

And here is my all-time favorite clip from her cooking show.  My Drunk Kitchen is not the best name and I don’t approve of people filming themselves whilst intoxicated, but this one grabbed me because it’s something I would do.  Trust me.  It is.   In this clip, she is sampling military food…..meals ready to eat.  She is crude and disgusting in this video, but also howling funny.


So you just never know where your inspiration will come from.  I think it’s important to be open to that possibility at all times.  We can find inspiration in anything and everything if we are willing to risk learning something new about ourselves.

Gotta go.  My world is busy and I need some inspiration.


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12 responses to “Inspiration

  1. I couldn’t watch her being drunk, but if you need inspiration try the Mingei Museum. 🙂 Then again, follow my friend the Captain around too. She inspires a lot of folks. LOL

  2. poundheadhere

    What a cool, awesome lady! Nice inspiration indeed 🙂

  3. I love when people share the cool things they find, because how would I ever discover this myself? Thanks! You are awesome! In response, I have been falling in love with this weird lady, Carol Tuttle. Check out She wants to give you a makeover and align your chakras! It’s cool…

  4. Patty O'

    Well…she may have been drinking beer, but that was mostly “Show Biz”. Especially as she crumpled the same can three times. And the wine glass contained water. Either that or the contents set a new standard for the meaning of “white wine”. But she is clever and the MRE is disgusting, except, OF COURSE, for dessert! Who’d a guessed. I like her!

  5. Bex

    So… first, I was appalled… I am a recovered alcoholic and I hate people using alcoholism for fun… it’s a terrible disease/condition and hurts so many lives.

    Second, I went ahead and watched this babe. Ha!

    I have saved the page listing all her YouTube videos because even though I am torn about the alcohol spewing things, I kinda loved her! She’s SO young and if I really think hard, I can almost remember what live was like at her age, so I’m giving her a chance and plan to watch more. It’s entertainment but I just wish she didn’t have to use the alcohol schtick to be funny.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Oh! I know! I don’t think being drunk is at all funny either, but she is fookin’ hilarious because of her side comments. I agree. She is peculiar and compelling.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    She reminds me of Amy in her younger years!

    Pen Pen

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