Ending 2013 With Thoughts

Captain’s Log   5,758

I have decided to encapsulate the year 2013 with snippets from every month.  It’s kind of fun to read back and see where you were and what you were doing.  It’s also fun to see what was so damn important that it ended up here in this journal.

 Let’s begin…..

January 2013  –  I just might have a lemon bar.  It’s the size of Rhode Island and costs $6. 

February 2013 – We installed a purple guitar with orange flames over the kitchen cupboards last night.  Stop being jealous.

March 2013 – I got this crazy idea last night to do a parody of Brigadoon and High Noon.  Call it Briga-Noon.  Cowboys in kilts, the sagebrush on the hill, the rifle dance.  

April 2013 – Since I am so allergic to dyes, I always have to wash everything in scent-free soap before I wear it.  That was the fate of my new underwear. 

May 2013 –  I am SO glad people like Roger Ebert and Frida Kahlo will be allowed into heaven now.  Along with Mark Twain and Helen Keller too.   Thomas Edison can turn on the lights for everyone.  Barry Manilow can sing Mandy.

June 2013 – Don’t eat chocolate ice cream bars when it’s that hot because the chocolate falls off and you might miss a piece that slides off and you might fall asleep and accidentally rub it into the cushions and then wake up in the morning and assume that you have shit yourself.

July 2013 – I have no intention of ever showing anyone my mumu.  It’s a private thing.  When I have a houseguest, I will wear a robe. 

August 2013 – Time to smell the rosemary.  I will brush it across my fingers and hands and take it with me all day.  To remember who I am and why I am here.

September 2013 – When you are finished, go staple a vicar. 

October 2013  –  I can see myself singing I Don’t Know How to Love Him when I am looking at something odd like quinoa.  I might even buy quinoa if the music was right.  

November 2013 – I wonder how many other people on the planet are icing their shoes today.  There must be a few, don’t you think?

December 2013 –  Just as long as I don’t ever have to chase a stag through the woods or have the stag chase me.  I kind of draw the line with that kind of debauchery.

So that’s it for 2013.  Let’s turn off the lights and lock up the dressing rooms.  The show’s over for this year.  But I heard a new one opens tomorrow!   


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20 responses to “Ending 2013 With Thoughts

  1. joanie

    Thank God you’re not allergic to HAIR dye! Happy New Year.

  2. poundheadhere

    Briga-Noon must happen. It must. It will be a hoot and a half, and that’s just for the costuming.

  3. Susanna

    You should have a spot on the radio to read your daily entries. So many people are missing out! We are the lucky ones.
    Briga-Noon will be a huge hit. Here is a song for the show:
    I wish I was in Briga-Noon, hurray, hurray, A way up north in Briga-Noon, A way up north in Briga-Noon,. With guns, and kilts and clowns on stilts, a way up north in Briga-Noon. Well, it rhymed. Do I have the job?

  4. Patty O'

    Let’s get that “Briga-Noon” thing going, Lady! It’s a brilliant concept and the world NEEDS it. But let’s not forget what you stuck ME with for the New Year – or at least it’s beginning. Thank goodness for term limits!

  5. August swept me away. Thank you.

    Are we on the list for the gala. If so, I shall bestir G to get hit black tieness in order. L(

  6. Edie

    Another year of enjoying your daily posts. Hope 2014 is very good to you.

  7. Helen Keller on dying: “It will be like walking from one room into another. But I will be able to see.” I believe she can.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    I didn’t know Barry Manilow died?

    Pen Pen

  9. “Briga-Noon” has to be one of my all time favorites. I’ve actually used that on the air (giving you full credit of course) to great effect. Thanks for ALL your wonderful lines in 2013, Poolie!

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