White Elephant Again!

Captain’s Log   5,753

It was a great white elephant party.  There wasn’t one really nice gift in the bunch, so it was all fun.  Heaven forbid somebody should bring a good gift!  Throws off the whole orbit.

I ended up with a Beatles soup cup with the Yellow Submarine theme.  It’s been making the rounds at the party for some time, but I rather like it.  I stole Mia’s lovely paperweight.  She stole the cup.  At the end of the party, she made me trade back.  She really liked that paperweight.  So, being the dutiful little sister that I am, I traded her.  I love my big cup.  It’s going to have a place of honor with the ceramic fruit pitchers.

white e 1

We all live in a yellow submarine…..yellow submarine…..yellow submarine

Big Sister Mia was also enamored of Bill’s large ceramic pig.  He was not about to let her have it, but he did let her pose.

White e 2

Fill that sucker up with nickels and we are off to Tahiti!  There isn’t a plug in the bottom, so poor pig needs to be shattered to get the goods.

But the best gift that comes around every year…..the hairy crotch ladies underpants.   They came wrapped as a dual set.  The other lovely was a shell-covered Kleenex box spray painted gold.  I guess you might call that the mother lode of tasteless gifts.  Anyway……once the laughter died down, I was able to get a photo of the infamous hairy crotch pants.

white e 3

The slimming panel in the front is a nice added feature.

The most unusual gift of the night was a vintage wine bottle opener.  I didn’t get a photo.  I also could not steal it because my turn never came up again.  It looked something like this….only older.

wine opener

wine bottle opener1


So until next year, we all gather our priceless treasures for this amazing party.

I went over to Friend Pam’s house later for hot chocolate.  It was nice to see her, her lovely child unit (who is no longer a child), and the two dogs.  I came home at a reasonable hour and collapsed.  Busy week for me.  Only one day off.


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10 responses to “White Elephant Again!

  1. The hairy panties are a hoot. I cannot fathom how anybody would’ve bought those for any reason, ever, but they’re the mother lode of tasteless, that’s for sure!

    I’m with you and Mia – I LIKE the Yellow Submarine cup, and the painted piggy bank. We have a smallish green piggy bank with white polka dots on our counter, but the brighter colors would’ve been just fine too.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Nice cup, Peter Max on ceramic – a novelty indeed. Sounds like a fun party

  3. Patty O'

    Best-worst white elephant gift I ever took to one of those parties was a pair of raccoon penis bone earrings. Truly ghastly. Of course, the were chosen by a rather straight-laced woman who blushed purple although everybody asker her to show them, nobody took them away. I wonder why not…

  4. Just a lovely cup indeed. Tasteless too. That must have been the best of all tasteless parties with that underwear. 🙂

  5. bholles

    It was a very fun party.

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