Comments From Dangerspouse

Captain’s Log   5,751

Los Angeles was….a madhouse.  I don’t know why anyone would live there.  It took almost three and a half hours to get home.  Insanity!  And we were in the carpool lane!  

We looked at a Rolls Royce and then I picked up $2,000 worth of artwork for a fundraiser.  We stopped at Whole Foods somewhere in Brentwood or Westwood or somewhere like that for lunch at the deli.  We got free parking and that’s why we stopped there.  Parking in Los Angeles is…..impossible.  They don’t sell parking by the hour, they sell it by the damn minute.  $2 for 15 minutes.  Do the math.

I was able to enjoy a totally relaxing morning.  The Solstice woke me up with a direct blast of sun right into my eyes.  I think I am going to put some large boulders in my front yard and call it Stonehenge II.  I can charge admission and rent robes for those who came empty-handed.  Just as long as I don’t ever have to chase a stag through the woods or have the stag chase me.  I kind of draw the line with that kind of debauchery.  I have enough trouble with comments from Dangerspouse.

More Santa!  Then it’s off to see Joanie!

scared of santa 21

Beyond scared of Santa!  Never even made it to stage one!

scared of santa 22

Santa is getting the short straw on this one.  Dang!  Please don’t choke Santa!

scared of santa 23

Santa is just as scary in black and white.  Maybe even more?


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6 responses to “Comments From Dangerspouse

  1. Now you’ve done it. You’ve gotten another DS comment before you had so much as the chance to reply to another single remark.

  2. Patty O'

    He’s got a point there.

  3. Enough trouble with comments from Dangerspouse…? Ex-CUSE me, Ms. Let-Me-Describe-My-Camel Toe, Ms. My-Pendulous-Boobs-Freeze-When-I-Pee. NOW you “draw the line with that kind of debauchery”? J’accuse!

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