Nice Sword

Captain’s Log   5,750

I have to go to Los Angeles today.  ICK!  I have no idea why anyone would live there, but a lot of people do.  And I have to see two of them.  In a city of 3.8 million people, I am only going to visit with two of them.  Doesn’t seem right.  I should speak to at least fifty.  I am looking forward to the trip because it gets me out of the office for an entire day!  YAY!  The cool thing is I might get to meet one of the premiere automotive artists in the world.  She is donating some of her work for our fundraiser.  I hope she’s home.  If she isn’t home, she is going to leave the stuff on her porch.

Santa time is just around the corner, so let’s get busy with more photos!

Here’s a vintage favorite.

scared of santa 13

Priceless.  No way she is having any part of him…..but she still hangs on to her candy cane.  YAY!

scared of santa 18

Well, this certainly isn’t working!

scared of santa 19

An old favorite.  The three expressions on those kids are priceless!  Santa needs a break.

scared of santa 20

It’s not the size of your balloon sword that counts, it’s where you put it when you talk to Santa. 

Of to LA-LA Land.  Photos tomorrow.


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10 responses to “Nice Sword

  1. Hope you could take the train. Realizing you couldn’t, but it was a good idea. Stay safe out there.

  2. These pics always make me laugh…even when I’m sitting on a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Sorry, TMI?

  3. I hope you survived your trip to LA and enjoyed yourself in spite of the population explosion

    And the Santa pictures today are really priceless.

  4. Patty O'

    I’m just glad you didn’t have to go to LA yesterday in the rain. Negotiating the horror of the LA freeway system is bad enough without the drivers being any more stupid than usual. Hope the lady is interesting as well as generous!

  5. Wow. I think Santa’s gonna come more than once this year.

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