Sister Mary Zoom Zoom Gets a Check-Up

Captain’s Log   5,747

It’s Tuesday morning and I am at the car place having my car serviced for 60,000 miles.  I don’t mind the wait as long as the free computers are working.  YAY!  I am glad to have this done now so the car is safe and ready when Anneke arrives in just 24 more days!  YAY!  It’s good to know the car will be safe when we head off for Palm Springs and goodness knows where else.  We can’t go west (ocean) or south (Mexico – where nobody in their right mind would go these days), so that leaves north and east.  We might go to the Los Angeles area for a few days.  I definitely know Palm Springs is on the agenda and maybe Joshua Tree.  The last time we did a road trip like this, we got smacked by some really cold weather, dealt with bed bugs, and encountered black ice in Sedona. That nasty ice caught me off guard and I fell flat on my back in the parking lot.  I wanted Anneke to take a picture and post it to Facebook, but she was worried about me.  Imagine!  Worry for a friend taking precedence over posting to Facebook!  I was laughing and she was worried.  It was a stellar moment.

There aren’t any photos of Santa loaded onto this free computer here at the dealership, so I will find something else in the archives.  Let me see…..hang on…..


Look!  A lighthouse!  

I suppose a lighthouse is appropriate for this time of year.  We are approaching the time of Solstice (the whole return to the light time).  I just checked and it will officially be happening in San Diego on December 21st at 9:11 AM.  I was hoping for a more exotic time of day.  I think the Solstice should happen at dawn.  I’m sure it’s going to be dawn somewhere, but not here.  Solstice is happening at 12:11 PM on the east coast.  There is something anti-climatic having the Solstice happen over your lunch hour, don’t you think?  I’m getting my hair cut on Solstice day, so I will celebrate with Joanie.  We might doing something Druid-ish.  She has lots of drapes for cutting hair.  Maybe we can put those on and twirl in the parking lot.  We need to do SOMETHING!  Maybe I can find some mead.  I know they are making mead again.  If I don’t really like dark beer, I cannot imagine how I will handle mead, but I can try.

I just heard about the store greeter who lost his job because he helped a customer when his car started on fire.  He was fired for leaving his post.  I assume the store would apply the same nonsense if he tried to save someone hit by a car.  A friend of mine’s son lost his job on a chartered fishing vessel for administering CPR to a guy who had a heart attack.  He saved the guy’s life but he lost his job for not asking the captain’s permission first.  WTF?  We have become a nation of stupid shits.

I finished Christmas shopping last night and then got tired whilst wrapping gifts.  I left everything in a state of massive messiness and went to bed.  It didn’t look any better this morning so I just left the house.  That is SO not like me, but I ran out of steam.  I hit the wall and walked away.  It’s okay.  The mess will still be there when I get home tonight.  Messes have a way of doing that.

Hooray!  I can download a Santa photo!  


It never fails.  There is always a smug little poop acting superior when siblings are screaming in fear.  Trust me, I know.  Eh, Big Sister Mia?

I suppose I should surrender this computer so other people can have fun.  I don’t think anyone else here is an online journalist.  Sitting in the lobby with me is a tough looking dude who showed up with his Miata almost on fire.  He’s sitting in the lobby knitting right now.  Indeed.  He looks like he could rip your head off with one hand, and he also knits and drives a Miata.  I just love it when people are so unique you cannot figure them out.    Like the big dude wearing chains on the plane (before 9/11) who plopped down next to Mia and read a Danielle Steele novel.  You just never know.


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14 responses to “Sister Mary Zoom Zoom Gets a Check-Up

  1. jo

    I wonder having children myself why anyone photographer would snap a crying kid photo? What could they be thinking?

  2. Susanna

    You crack me up. Smug little poop for sure. Not a glance backwards. Just ME on center stage! Paula, you really pack it in, up at dawn and out getting the car fixed. I need to get going here, it’s almost 3:00!

  3. Yup, creativity will always wait. 🙂 Me, out of focus here.

  4. Patty O'

    LOVED every single word and thought in today’s post, but my favorite is the Scary dude with the Miata and knitting needles. I had a few customers like that in my shop…frightening characters who bought exquisite tea cups for their grandmother’s and called me Ma’am. I LOVE those people!

  5. bholles

    Glad you finished your shopping. Bet it was busy. And yes I remember that guy. He was an undercover cop so chains, Danielle and cop. Quite the combo.

  6. maryz

    You always seem to attract the most interesting people. Mentioning no one in particular, of course. Ahem!

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