Dropped His Pants For Santa

Captain’s Log   5,746

Just because I can.

scared of santa 14

If you don’t love the look on that little guy’s face, you are a huge nut ball.

scared of santa 8

Look closely.  Sax Boy has dropped his pants to do that.  I have no words.

scared of santa 7

If you ever make me do this again, I will murder you in your sleep when I turn sixteen.

scared of santa 11

Oh look!  Santa likes processed meat!  Redefines the whole concept of leaving out cookies and milk.


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14 responses to “Dropped His Pants For Santa

  1. Sax boy. Can’t even… Ugh!

  2. Susanna

    Yeah, the little boy’s look is compassion and curiosity in action. He is trying to figure out what the tears are all about and really feels for her. Adorable.

  3. Looks like the Atkins Diet is doing Santa some good.

  4. The dropped pants beat my baby in the bag for sure. Where do you find these wonderful things.

  5. Processed meat? Just what you need for a midnight snack…and disturbed sleep. Doesn’t that guy look like Pat Boone?

  6. bholles

    Those are very funny.

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