Tarts and Balls

Captain’s Log  5,743

Oh yes.  My crazy friend in New Jersey is till having fun with his lemons.  He sent me this photo this morning of the most amazing lemon tart ever made in the entire world (according to him).  If only I lived closer!


Probably too big for the manger but we can still adore it.  Typical of Dangerspouse, he posed a tart next to some big balls.  He brings out the foul mind in me, and I love him for that!

He is making everything with those lemons.  I take them for granted and mostly squeeze them into my Diet Dr. Pepper.  I guess I should be more creative.  I have made lemon bars with them.  And several pies.  I wonder how well they go with veggie burgers…………………

To continue with the Santa theme……..

drunk santa

Looks like Santa has been hitting the rum.

We’re getting down to the wire.  Just 13 more days until Christmas.  I dragged out my wrapping paper, ribbons, and decorating kit this morning.  I even found some cool green lights that I hung in the dining room.   Jingle bells on the door.  They should amuse any more thieves that follow the UPS truck and steal my deliveries.  Still pissed about that.

To prove that I am non-denominational………..even Buddha got into it this year.

buddha santa

Namaste, dudes!


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22 responses to “Tarts and Balls

  1. The lemon tart looks scrumptious, and I for one like Buddha Santa. Who DOESN’T need a little Zen added to their holiday rush?

  2. goatbarnwitch

    nice tart! don’t think santa crosses over the hierarchy bridge very well….. of course, that could just be me…. AND BTW The Dude Abides out back (in his stinky buck glory, mind you – sans bathrobe though) You can come over anytime and have a beer with him, really

  3. Ter

    I read the title too fast and thought it said “Farts and Balls”. I need a vacation…

  4. maryz

    They did a bit on our news last night about people following the UPS truck around and taking packages off of porches. The woman they interviewed caught some of them on the security camera (faces covered, of course). But she laughed – the big box they had taken was her regular order from Amazon of toilet paper, paper napkins, and paper towels. What a let-down for the thieves!

  5. Patty O'

    Namaste, Dude? Wow, that’s a stunner! I LOVED it when John Goodman said it, and I am thrilled that The Dude Abides, but otherwise please add DUDE to the list of words I am thoroughly sick of

  6. Tarts love balls, what can I say. It’s all part of god’s plan. (Make lemon aioli! It goes with all sorts of veggie dishes.)

    I love the Drunk Santa more than Buddha Santa. Drunk Santa is always more philosophical. And gives better presents. And kisses.

  7. bholles

    Hope you had enough paper to wrap all my presents.

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