Karmic Corn Flakes

Captain’s Log   5,740

It’s over.  The big holiday celebration is over.  Oh my.  We had just over 7,000 for both nights.  Saturday began with a morning downpour and then another downpour around 2:00, so the crowds were down.  Thank goodness.  I can only handle so much fun.

I ordered some really cool personalized gifts from a specialty company a few weeks ago.  Three items arrived safely and on time.  The fourth item was shipped separately.  According to UPS, it was delivered to my door on Friday night around 7:30.  There was not a package waiting for me when I got home, but someone had opened the gate (which I secured properly when I left for the park).  Yes, the driver would have opened the gate, but so might a thief.  I checked with all the neighbors and nobody received a package by mistake.  I think it was delivered and then stolen from the front door.  People are doing that.  They are discreetly following UPS trucks and stealing packages from houses with nobody home at the moment.  Pisses me off!  I called the company this morning and they are replacing the item at no charge.  That’s great but it still makes me angry to think someone would follow a delivery truck and steal stuff.  They are checking with UPS to see what the driver remembers, etc.  If more packages were stolen from his route, they will know they had a thief.  The UPS driver on my route has been working for the company for 25 years.  Dependable dude.

stealing presents

To the person who stole my stuff, may the gods of karma piss in your cornflakes.  And Merry Christmas, by the way.

I have a really full week ahead of me.  Actually, I am only taking Christmas day off this year.  We are just too busy for me to take more than one day.  Most businesses slow down for the holidays, but museums in large cities that are tourist destinations are busier than you can imagine.

I Skyped with Anneke this morning, and we are going to have huge fun when she comes to visit in January.  I will definitely take time then for a road trip (or two).  No plans yet.  We are being spontaneous.  

It’s that time.  Scary Santa photo below.

scared of santa 1


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22 responses to “Karmic Corn Flakes

  1. I’m glad Anneka is coming to visit again. You guys looked like you were having fun, even if you were exhausted, last time you were here together!

  2. Git indeed. Too funny. So sorry that there’s weren’t more visitors…tho enough is enough. Glad you are taking that day off. Should be sunny and beautiful as it always is on Christmas.

    Why not have the UPS driver deliver to the museum? Just thinking.


  3. Susanna

    I removed my last name, let’s see if it worked.

  4. Susanna McGrath

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know that level of desperation has set in and will retrieve our packages quickly. That child will have Santa PTSD.

  5. Finally caught up on blogs again. I can’t believe how much time goes by and how far behind I get in reading them. I’m sitting at home waiting for the UPS truck as we speak. I am on the schedule to receive a package today and I don’t want it left on the doorstep either. Sad times we live in where people spend more time trying to steal and cheat than to be kind to others.

  6. Bex

    Around our area, thieves are stealing packages from UPS and USPS as well, so as soon as one comes to my door I am out there to get it… even the mail – I run (hobble) down to the box right away – I can’t stand leaving stuff even in the mailbox – but the mailman puts packages right on the ground near the street! I go right down and get the stuff. It’s getting to be a huge problem around here, too. bah humbug.

  7. Patty O'

    As a retailer I empathize. Just imagine those two days starting the day after Thanksgiving and continuing until 2 PM on Christmas Eve when I locked my door NO MATTER WHAT! At least you didn’t have to tie BOWS on everything! Ha!

  8. Glad they are replaying your git especially if it was for me.

  9. maryz

    Our oldest might be coming in February to visit her daughter. We’ll tell her she definitely needs to visit you.

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