4,000 People Strong

Captain’s Log   5,739

This says it all.  Attendance in the museum last night.  Number is approximate.

four thousand

I say UGH!  It was cold with a steady stream of people  through the doors.  The biggest push always comes at 8:30 because they know the museums close at 9:00.  Such joy.

It’s raining today.  That means more insane people will go to the park and cram themselves into the museums.

I got home and did some tender and loving care on my feet.  My boots had rubbed part of my foot raw, so I soaked them and tended them carefully with ointments and bandaids.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  One more night.


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9 responses to “4,000 People Strong

  1. You are done for the year. Vastly fewer patrons, but no one stole anything. 🙂

  2. poundheadhere

    I hope you’re safely ensconced at home and your feet resting in something warm and comfy. I cannot imaging putting 4K people through one set of doors in a few hours’ time. It had to be ridiculous.

  3. Patty O'

    From the TV coverage it seems the people in attendance were 1) cold, and 2) having a good time anyway. Hopefully tonight you will get only the HAPPY people! They were apparently hanging out around the Organ Pavilion.

    Also, a day late, but please put my name on the LEMON LIST, too, but for a dozen or so, NOT 10 lbs! I will NOT be making the Moroccan preserved lemons this year. Enough was enough. Also cannot afford to buy enough vodka to make the Limoncello worthwhile either expecially since the stuff from Italy in the fancy bottles cost less to buy than it does to make! I want the lemons this year ALL FOR MYSELF! So there!

  4. Sounds like my first orgy. That Thanksgiving really was the best ever.
    You’re right though: parking was a problem.

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