Time to Gird My Loins

Captain’s Log   5,738

The weather here in southern California cannot ever be compared to blizzards in the Midwest or ice storms across the Central Plains.  Having lived in the Midwest until I was 39 years old, I really can relate to snow, ice, and wind chills well below zero.  Those weather nasties are a big reason I live in San Diego now.  For the most part, the weather is not too challenging.  You don’t have to carry kitty litter, soup mix, chocolate bars, and candles in your car in the winter.

But…..it does get chilly.  Chilly to almost borderline cold.   It’s 52 degrees in my house right now.  I cannot even imagine what the temperature is in the museum right now.  We are closed until later this afternoon when the park opens up for a huge holiday celebration.  Temperatures in the nearby mountains this morning were around freezing.  That might not seem cold, but we do grow citrus here, and cold weather can kill a citrus crop very, very quickly.

Citrus comes into season here in the winter.  That’s convenient for consumers all over the United States.  Most oranges come from Florida, but lemons and avocados come from this area.  Last night, growers were taking measures to keep the crops from freezing.

My small crop from my very small tree is trying desperately to ripen.  There are so many lemons on the tree right now that the branches are sagging.  In a few more days, I will be harvesting 150-200 Meyer lemons.  I can only use so many.  I share with friends and co-workers, but most people have at least one fruit tree, so lemons aren’t a huge deal to them.

december lemons

Abundant crop of Meyer lemons.  Thought to be a Chinese cross between a lemon and an orange or mandarin.  They are sweeter than regular lemons and the juice is…….quite juicy.

The big holiday celebration in the park starts tonight.  We have 16 people scheduled to control about 5,000 – 6,000 people who visit the museum over a 4-hour window from 5:00 – 9:00 PM.  That would be visiting without paying five cents to come inside.  It’s all part of our lease with the city.

It’s supposed to be a heartfelt and tender event.  Awe-inspiring and fuzzy and cozy.

dec nights 1

dec nights 2

dec nights 3

Nice in theory.  But the crowds are so enormous the event is no longer fun.

dec nights 4

What it really looks like.  Can you imagine?

Time to think about girding my loins.


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22 responses to “Time to Gird My Loins

  1. joanie

    I hope your loins were sufficiently girded last night for THAT mess! The lights and everything look so pretty and makes me want to come but I’m not so sure I want to get involved with crowds like that! I liked it better when you just walked around and looked at the manger scenes. Your lemons are beautiful. Please bring me a couple next time if you have a lot!

  2. Oh – and I hope you survived the park event intact. I’m with you – I’d just say no to that kind of crowd. Eek!

  3. We’ve got similar cold weather going on here too. No, it’s not comparable to the truly nasty winters in other parts of the country, but still too chilly for comfort. Luckily for me, if we want it we have forced-air heat in this house. We will probably use it over the next couple of months or so, because it does drop below freezing most winters, this close to the mountains.

    Thanks for the heads-up about the hybridization of those lemons. Since I’m allergic to oranges, I might have to steer clear of them.

  4. jane

    Hope it went well! I wasn’t there although I was tempted the thought of the crowds put me off!

  5. maryz

    Only 54 here now, but headed down. No ice or snow predicted, though. Daughter Kate iced in in Western KY. I love to see your photos and say “I’ve been there” – but would definitely pass on the crowds at this event. Good luck!

  6. Patty O'

    I cherish the memories of the first few years when it was small and friendly. Last night’s news estimated that 350,000 people would try to cram their way into the park tonight. This morning there were big warning signs on the I-8 in Mission Valley warning of traffic delays this evening because of “event in the park”. You are brave…

  7. Valerie

    Funny…I always figured you for a loin-girder…

  8. 52 degrees is thong weather here. But I do hope you somehow manage to survive your awful cold snap.

    Actually, I hope your citrus survives it. You have Meyer lemons!! Omg, I’ve always wanted to try them. Do they really differ that much from the usual variety? They’re so expensive here, and very infrequently available. The once or twice I’ve seen them in the supermarket I’ve been tempted, but the price has always made me stay my hand. Maybe I’ll splurge next time, if you say it’s worth it.

    Good luck with the crowds this year! I almost said “I’d rather have the ice storm heading our way”, but…nothing’s THAT bad. I’d rather have the crowds. Ugly as they seem.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Well maybe the chiller weather will keep the crowds down. You can only hope!

    Pen Pen

    PS it’s the middle of the day and -4. Suppose to get down to -21 tonight. This is not the norm for December! Thank god!

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