Lantana in the Morning

Captain’s Log   5,736

The gardener scared the daylights out of me this morning.  I was up standing at the sink getting ready to boil water for coffee when I saw a man walk past my patio door!  At 6:45 in the morning!  YIKES!  The gardeners usually show up around 8:00, so that was a surprise!  He told me he came early to do some pruning and that he would start the motor stuff around 7:30.  Man, I was not expecting that!  I have a 100% secluded back yard so seeing someone back there at such an early hour really threw me.  Glad I was decent.  Well, as decent as someone can be bra-less and bed-headed in plaid sleepy pants and an old Eddie Bauer shirt.

When I lived in a house with a pool, Ken the Pool Man used to show up really early in the morning.  He was always commando and wore super short cut-off’s that allowed certain parts of himself to play Mr. Peek when he moved certain ways.  I am certainly grateful the gardeners wear jeans and boots.  I have no doubt Ken the Pool Man scored a few times whilst in his “work clothes,” but I found it offensive.  When I called the landlord to complain, he told me not to look.  How could I NOT look when Mr. Peek bobbed by the kitchen door and gave it a knock on his way by.  I should say he knocked with his hand.  Mr. Peek was not big enough to actually knock on the door.  At least I don’t think he was.  Never mind………

The gardeners worked on the lantana I planted last year.  Under their watchful eyes, it has grown into quite a thing of beauty.  Too bad it’s so damn toxic.  Both animals and people can die if they eat it.  I have no plans to eat my lantana.  The birds love the berries and the flowers add such lovely color to the yard.

lantana 2


lantana sky

At least I am not growing oleander.  That is also toxic.  For some reason, the state transportation department loves to plant that along the freeways.  They are pretty and they provide a low-maintenance sound barrier.  Deadly toxic, however.  They even plant the stuff at the San Diego Zoo. 

But the big news of the day is the publication of my pal’s book!  YAY!  Leilani’s book is available on Amazon Kindle now, and I bought it first thing this morning.

color of fate

Go Leilani!  Go!

color of fate 2

What it really looks like.  Yay!  Go Leilani!

I am inspired by this.  I have now have five friends who have become authors.  And I still sit around and haven’t taken that leap yet.  Gulp.  There must be SOME excuse around here I haven’t tried yet!  Where is it?


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14 responses to “Lantana in the Morning

  1. I am having a problem with WordPress images being tiny or flattened. Yours are among them. 🙂

    Did I say that I was violently allergic to lantana?

    Can I count the incoming instead of watching the foodstuffs. That kid last year made me feel very insecure this year. We will be there with silkies on. 🙂

  2. poundheadhere

    Having your own yard, and your own garden in that yard, is beyond awesome. So the lantana flowers are poisonous but the berries aren’t? Interesting.

    Thank you for the shout out – and yes, it’s your turn to publish. Maybe you’ll do a book that blends your photography with all of your various anecdotes. Just please – no photos of Mr. Peek.

  3. maryz

    Great photos! I’ve always assumed the highway department plants oleanders because they require no upkeep and obviously thrive on carbon monoxide and other exhaust fumes.

  4. I assume you meant bed-headed. (I was trying to picture “bead-headed”; it didn’t work.)
    The lantana is beautiful. I am glad it doesn’t hurt the birds.

  5. Bex

    the colors in the lantana don’t look real, they are so bright and effusive.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    The lantana is gorgeous. Hope it’s still blooming in February. Can wait to see the back yard done first hand!

    Pen Pen

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