Signs of the Holidays

Captain’s Log   5,727

The shoes are out of the freezer.  Thawing out.  I will try them on tomorrow.  They fit so well in the store.  I never noticed that they are a bit too close to the top of my toes.  In the throes of finding magic red shoes, I was hasty in the decision to purchase.  Oh well.  If the ice doesn’t work, I will take them to a shop for proper stretching.

Rain is supposed to move into the area starting tonight.  That’s fine.  I like the rain.  It doesn’t rain much here.  Average for the month of November is just over an inch.  February is our wettest month with just over two inches.  This past year, we had just over 1/2 inch in February.  Things were dry.  Very dry.  

The winter holidays are approaching too.  When I first moved here, I could not conceive of Christmas without snow.  It took a few years, but I got used to it.  We DO have seasons here, and if you want snow badly enough, it’s just a few hours away (sometimes even closer).  People in San Diego manage to make Christmas fun even though soft snow never falls on Christmas eve, etc.


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…..a starfish on a fake tree……..

We import snow for those who simply must have it.  We bring it down the mountain in big trucks and deposit it in shopping malls.

imported snow

Whee!  It’s snow!

We have tree lots with real trees if that’s your thing.  We have Santa in the mall.  People decorate their houses.  There is a neighborhood about 20 minutes north of me that practices excessive light usage every Christmas.  If you buy a house here, you must agree to the madness and decorate.  The lights come with the house.  Can you imagine?

poway lights 2

Three blocks of this excessive madness.  I’m sure this is visible from space.

I am a more subdued holiday person.  I like a hint of suggestion.  I might hang something on my door or string a simple strand of lights.  I might burn some pine incense to give me the feeling of burning logs in a mountain fireplace.  Or not.

I had some hot chocolate last night.  Guess that’s a sign too.


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15 responses to “Signs of the Holidays

  1. I hope the shoe stretching trick works – and next time I get too-tight shoes I’ll definitely try that trick!

    Our decorating is restricted to a tree inside and a string of white lights outlining the front door. (We obviously COULD do more, but that’s what we choose to do.) This year will be more fun because Little Guy is old enough to help decorate the tree.

  2. We have a couple of good wreaths remaining at the store. 🙂

    LOL Yes, pine smelly things will do.

  3. Patty O'Reilly

    About 40 years ago a friend put the BEST EVER decoration on her front lawn. Her two sons had a 6′ tall styrofoam T-Rex skeleton they didn’t want any more. She put it out on the lawn and added two large bright red Christmas tree balls where they would do the most good. Hilarity ensued…until somebody stopped and stole it. Bet it ended up on the roof of a fraternity house.

  4. You got an inch of rain in November? We got a quarter of that. We are way below average for the year. Nevertheless we are grateful that there have been no tidal surges. Or sinkholes. Or tornadoes.

  5. Bex

    Since the holiday is CHRISTmas, you’d think the normal decor would be hot arid desert surroundings like existed around Christ. Not winter decor that didn’t exist there. How does Christmas look in the Middle East? That’s how we should decorate for that holiday.

  6. bholles

    It still is fun to go see the lights. Hint, hint.

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