Icing My Shoes

Captain’s Log   5,726

This is what morning people do.

clean all the things

Yup.  I know.  Dreadful to many.  Excellent work ethic to others.

I have made a commitment to myself to keep my house in what I call FIFTEEN MINUTES TO COMPANY mode.  If company is staying longer, it’s THIRTY MINUTES TO OVERNIGHT GUESTS.  Of course, this all depends how dirty the windows are.  Dirty windows are game changers for sure.  Unless company is arriving after dark.  Then, who cares?  Nobody sees dirty windows in the dark.  Same for unswept sidewalks.  I don’t worry about those too much.  Sweeping once a week is good enough.

My mom was a FIFTEEN SECONDS TO COMPANY OR OVERNIGHT GUESTS kind of person.  Our house was immaculate at all times.  Never a dirty dish or an errant towel anywhere……ever.  My dad was the same way.  He could be watching television in his special chair.  If he spied a piece of lint on the floor, he would launch himself across the room to pick it up.  My parents were so clean and tidy they could have lived on a sailboat.  Sailboat living requires meticulous attention to putting things away, having things in perfect order, etc.   My mom took it to the extreme, however.  All of her canned goods were alphabetized in the cupboards.  I don’t go QUITE that far.  Hopefully, I never will…..but we all know how eccentric people can become as they get older.

Speaking of eccentric……I have my shoes in the freezer right now.  The lovely red shoes I bought are a bit too tight across the toes, and I read on the internet that it’s easy to fix that by using ice.  You put a baggie of water inside the shoe and let it freeze.  As the ice expands, the shoe stretches to accommodate it.  I have put the shoes through one round of icing already.  It worked, but it could be better.   So, another round. 

frozen shoes

I added little bottles to keep the ice baggies from shifting.  This is really exciting stuff!  This is also how I entertain myself at dawn.

I wonder how many other people on the planet are icing their shoes today.  There must be a few, don’t you think?


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15 responses to “Icing My Shoes

  1. poundheadhere

    G is a total neat freak. Me, not so much lol

  2. jo

    for under 10.00 you can have them stretched by the cobbler, not as exciting as ice tho!

  3. susanna

    Can I be in the club, I iced my stomach last night. Big ouch. The shoes are definitely too cute to give up on. Errant towels (my two favorite words of the day) do not get to lie around my house, I am on them like your Father. I don’t mean I am on your Father, Good Heavens, well, there was that cute picture of him.. I am on the towel…no, I don’t mean the rag, time to stop.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    I have never heard of that shoes + ice trick. I intend to try it as soon as there is room enough in my freezer. Right now I’m making value judgments about just what has to be there and what doesn’t. So far it’s food…

  5. Bex

    Growing up, my best friend’s mother would get down on hands/knees and wash her large kitchen floor every single day. Rain or shine. 7 days a week. She could not live there without doing that. I just thought she was nuts.

    I’m more of the variety who leaves a bit clump of dog fur in the middle of the room until husband picks it up. I treat it like a game… see how many times he walks by it, looks at it, and leaves it there. I can outlast him! Why should I be the one to pick it up (especially as I can’t bend down to the floor anymore)??? I don’t think it’s healthy to live in a pristine environment. I think you need dirt/dust/furs/spiders etc. to live a long life… at least a sane one.

  6. My son is that compulsively neat kind of person. My oldest daughter, on the other hand, will leave a tissue on the floor until it turns to dust. But I will tell her about the ice stretching the shoes, if only to remind her that, if they still don’t fit, you get rid of them!

  7. Rhonda

    please let me know how it works – i have 2 pairs i would like to try!!!!

  8. dmannechino

    Perhaps a few Eskimos, but that’s about it.

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