The Quiet Knocking of Opportunity

Captain’s Log   5,725

You just never know when or where an opportunity will knock.  I read something the other day about opportunity.  The article said that opportunity knocks softly most of the time.  We will only hear it if we are willing to listen.  Listening for opportunity means uncluttering your mind of expectations and to stop trying to force yourself to hear something that may or may not even be there.  If we are constantly thinking about what we want, what’s best for us in the moment may merely find another place to knock softly.

Opportunities are not something that can be hunted down.  They are too elusive.  They are invisible, but they DO make noise.  By the time some of us even recognize an opportunity, we are already experiencing the benefits.  But that only happens if we are relaxed enough to allow the flow and the natural order of things to occur.   For example, you practice the piano because you love it.  The next thing you know….you start to play well.  Your opportunity may not be to earn your living as musician, but you are experiencing the opportunity to enjoy making music.  Maybe you WILL become a professional.  Maybe you WON’T.  But you have allowed yourself the opportunity to experience the joy of music by simply letting it happen.  Make sense?  What happens with your opportunity is then your choice.  Make a miracle or not.  Even if you choose not, you can still be happy because life is limitless if you allow it to be.

Then again, opportunity can knock with a huge bang.  That happened yesterday at the museum.  It was a normal day with normal things happening…..when out of the blue…..we were offered the first fire truck from the NYFD to respond to the World Trade Center attacks.  The thing is enormous!  I’m not even sure if we can keep it because of the size.  The staff who were onboard with the news are excited and really want me to say yes.  We are going to take a look and measure it carefully on Wednesday.  Apparently, it’s been on tour across the United States and the group would like for it to “retire” in San Diego.  I am honored and also befuddled by this gift.  All part of a day in the life I guess.

Regret is the downside of opportunity…….if you believe in such a things as a downside.   Granted, disappointment might feel like a downside when you are in the throes of it, but disappointment is also a gift.  How?  It is merely a cloak for a second chance.  I have failed far more than I have succeeded, so I know this is true for me.  It’s not the number of times you fail, it’s the number of times you pick yourself up and try something new.  But that takes balls.  It also takes trust.  Regret is toxic if allowed to remain regret.

I guess I am feeling philosophical today because I am ready for something new (again).  I have two enormous projects on my plate (one that is now public knowledge, high-profile, with lots of hoopla…..and the other one that must remain close to the bone for now but is even more significant to me personally).  One requires me to be bold and brash and out there among the masses.  The other one requires quiet study, vision, emotional connection to the past, and the willingness to modify the project several times.   I find it interesting that at age 61, I have finally listened to the knock of the magic opportunities and interconnected with the right people to let these ideas take flight.   Most people find this “snap” at a much younger age, but I am grateful to have found it now.  I am also grateful to have earned the respect of those who are now actually listening to me.

The result of all of this is an inexplicable happiness that washes over me when I even think about what I am doing.  People who know me well tell me they have never seen this kind of fire in me before.  When I found out about the funding for the high-profile project, I literally grabbed my office manager and danced onto the mezzanine.  It means that much to me.  The other project is an excellent balance.  That project is about yanking my soul out of myself and holding it up to the mirror of doubt, fear, sorrow…..and eventually hope for the universal “us” who walk this planet together.  For those who walk it now and for those who will walk it in the future.  

I am loudly joyful about one project and poignantly moved by the other.  They are both good.  Very different elements and very different parts of my soul engaging in ways I have not experienced before.  I’m so glad I wasn’t thinking too hard or out hunting success when these projects tapped softly on my soul.  I let them in.  Can’t wait to see where they take me.


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25 responses to “The Quiet Knocking of Opportunity

  1. joanie

    I love the way you can so adeptly put into words what you’ve figured out.

  2. pammie

    I want to see the fire truck, and the result of the projects. But I also want to see the process. Yay, glad for you.

    • poolagirl

      The symphony I can let you see. Not so much the other project because it will be out of my hands immediately. At least I am hoping for that.

  3. Opportunity has been very generous lately, for a lot of us. Here’s hoping that opportunity turns into many, many good things!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    YES for the fire engine. I can imagine all kinds of good things coming from that. (Ideas: 25 cents each, please.) And YES for opportunity knocking OH SO softly…that is when the best ones come.

    • poolagirl

      Doesn’t look like the truck will work.

      • Patty O'Reilly

        Oh! If not that will be awful. It would be such a wonderful “artifact” for collaborations with multiple groups throughout the community, from the Firefighters Museum on Columbia to 9/11 memorial activites to school children who adore fire engines of all kinds, and all those organizations who help and honor first responders. Tear out a wall if you have to!

  5. susanna

    I can’t wait to hear the car symphony.
    You must hand out bumper stickers that say: Honk if you liked the car symphony! Everyone will be talking, what car symphony? or honking! Good adverting either way.

  6. dmannechino

    Well, said, Poolie. You just might have a future in writing meaningful prose.

  7. Looking forward — I always do — to your adventures.

  8. maryz

    Can you tell us more about the Car Symphony? Sounds like fun!

  9. Valerie

    Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Edie

    Wow..what an opportunity. Hope the fire truck fits. I get so much out of your entries…definitely food for thought.

  11. OKOK, please say yes. Even if you have to run it flush up against the back wall, that fire truck will be a ginormus addition to the museum. I understand that getting it in to the building would be a massive task, but you might suggest that the donors take charge of that. LOL

    Take pictures, please.

    Now, what’s the one project you can talk about?

  12. annanotbob

    Wise words, as always xx

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