Random Photo Day

Captain’s Log   5,724

Today’s challenge is to find a random photo (without really looking) to post.  Then make up some bullshit (or truth) about it.

Here goes…….

GT 24

Cousin Itt from the Addams Family?

The photo was actually taken at the Salton Sea a few years ago whilst on a road trip to Palm Springs.  It just cracked me up standing there looking headless.

Did you know palm trees are not really trees?  They are more closely related to grass than trees.  There are all kinds of scientific explanations that bore the crap out of me.  Trees produce bark.  Palms to do not.  They are covered with a weird spongy material.  I’m sure the weird spongy material has a name, but I really don’t care.  Science lesson for the day.  Over.

I spoke with Anneke this morning.  We are planning a nice road trip when she comes to visit.  So far, we are covering Dana Point, Catalina, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs.  Exciting!  She is planning the itinerary.  She does that well and enjoys the challenge.  I just want to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE! 

The weather has turned cool.  We know it’s approaching winter when we think about wearing socks in the morning.

november in San Diego

It’s tough living in paradise.  (not a random photo)

Off to the salt mines.


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14 responses to “Random Photo Day

  1. Now Sunday morning, the temperature was in the fifties here and G was singing the praises of central heat.

  2. I knew bamboo was a grass but didn’t know that about palms. Makes sense, though; they do resemble a giant segmented grass of some sort when you look closely enough!

  3. You know I am grinning,

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    That IS Cousin Itt! Who knew?

  5. I would give a lot to wake up with the outside temperature at 64. It was about half that this morning. But, except for the newspaper, I haven’t set foot outside today, and maybe I won’t at all.

  6. You have such a travel bug.

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