If It Doesn’t Feed Your Soul, Dump It

Captain’s Log   5,722

heartfelt life

I got up at 4:30 this morning to drink coffee.  Why?  Because I could.  That’s why.  It feeds my soul.

I started reading Game of Thrones again.  Why?  Because I want to.  It feeds my soul.

I took some old folding chairs home from the museum.  Why?  Because I want to paint them with cool designs and make people happy when they sit down.  It feeds my soul.

I went outside and watched the hummingbirds at dawn.  Why?  They are amazing and I love their energy.  It feeds my soul.

I put Borax in the toilet to make it sparkle.  Why?  I love a sparkling toilet.  It feeds my soul.

I touched the rosemary bush and smelled my hands.  Why?  It smells like magic.  It feeds my soul.

I ate some Jordan almonds at midnight.  Why?  They were just sitting there.  It feeds my soul.

I have no idea where this entry is coming from this morning.  I had an interesting day yesterday trying to balance the soul feeders in my life and soul suckers.  My soul got fed big time in a late afternoon meeting with someone who is assisting with a large event.  I mentioned another project I am working on, and the sparks of creativity literally flew around the room like electricity.  I felt like I wasn’t even attached to the planet.

And then there are the soul suckers.  We know all about those people.  They feel diminished by your success.  They want to keep you small.  They throw obstacles in your path at every turn.  They offer advice you didn’t request or even need.  They sow the weeds of doubt.  Gaaaaaaa……………….

I don’t like being around people like that anymore.  I used to believe I needed them for some reason.  I felt this insatiable need to belong, and I was willing to sacrifice my own values to make that happen.  Having soul suckers in your life was better than having nobody.  But not anymore.

Cher covers this song so very well.  I am feeling it big time this morning.  Enjoy.


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24 responses to “If It Doesn’t Feed Your Soul, Dump It

  1. Isn’t it interesting that I have soul on my mind today also. 🙂

  2. Bravo for feeding one’s soul. If more did that instead of creating grief, think how much better the world would be.

  3. jo

    Cool, I love it when you are on fire!

  4. It’s strange how it takes some of us so long to learn this lesson. I remember my counsellor telling me to notice how I feel when I discover that X or Y is at the door. Some people make your heart sing, others make your heart sink. It’s just the way it is – wish I’d known it earlier. Big hugs to you xxx

  5. joanie

    Oh my God, Cher was just too cool for words!

  6. You must have the fattest soul around. And also the sparkliest toilet. Yay to both!

  7. joe

    I Love This And Am feeding My Soul With Activities Of Happiness
    Thank You My friend

  8. I’ve always liked Cher, but I found an old post changes, citing the same song by Ethel Waters. And never fear, there will be some changes here — to feed my soul.

  9. maryz

    Good advice! I’m glad you’re taking some of that for yourself.

  10. dmannechino

    Wow! your soul must be overfull. Take a nap, then do a few sit ups.

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