Why I Geocache

Captain’s Log   5,721

Yes, geocaching is a sport for geeks.  That’s why it’s such a good fit for me.  The rewards are amazing.  Yes, it is fun to find them.  It’s also fun to watch other people find them.  I have hidden about 16 caches or so with the historical group I work with.  We make sure they are easy and fun.  We want people to succeed and not injure themselves in the process.

This is what geocaching success looks like.


She found a nano!

A nano is the tiniest of all geocaches.  This one was hidden under a utility box inside a fence next to a flagpole in a county park.   I know that sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.  Her face says it all.  Proud of herself.

How nice to see people OUTSIDE doing things instead of playing games on their phones and computers.  Yes, I do my fair share of that too, but getting out there hunting a cache or two is magic.  You need your wits and your primal skills of observation for the game to work.  I love it.  

So there!

I had nothing to do with the cache below.  I don’t even know where it is, but the look on the finder’s face says it all.  She is celebrating her very first FTF.  That is code for FIRST TO FIND.  Somebody has to be the first person to find a cache, and it’s a big deal to claim that honor.  I have not yet been that lucky, but I must say I love the enthusiasm of the finder pictured below.  Such joy Tupperware containers can give.  Who would have thought?


First to Find Victory Dance

As hard as I try to un-geek myself, I simply cannot succeed.  So….a geek I shall stay.


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16 responses to “Why I Geocache

  1. You say geek like it’s a bad thing. Embrace your inner geek. She’ll never steer you wrong.

  2. susanna

    Now why didn’t I think of geocaching when my granddaughter and I were sitting on our arses Sunday doing nothing.

  3. There’s a little bit of archeologist in you!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Anything that ups the “fun quotient” without involving alcohol, ice cream, or pushing old ladies down stairs is a GOOD thing!

  5. Anything that causes you to use your brain is a good thing. (Getting exercise while you do it is a bonus.)

  6. Geeks are good. Good value too. Geocaching is really fun.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    I love geo caching with you. It’s a blast!

    Pen Pen

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