Photos From the Land of Decadence

Captain’s Log   5,720

I promised pictures.  And so it shall be.  

In no particular order……

vegas nov 1

At the Neon Museum.  This is one of the few intact signs remaining.  This one is really spiffy.

vegas nov 2

Heinous prepared a snack for me.  Banana compliments of Big Sister Mia.  The “sword” compliments of Starbucks.

vegas nov 3

Neon Museum again.  This was really fun.  Not in a good neighborhood, however.

vegas nov 4

Viva la Faux France!  YES!  Added feature to this casino was finding a geocache!

vegas nov 5

Nothing like some enormous pumpkins and gourds to make you feel all “harvesty.”  The Bellagio does a great job decorating.

vegas nov 6

Stopped for a frozen hot chocolate on the recommendation of Friend Sally.  She was right.  This stuff is a knockout!  My nephew and I really should have shared this, but I am also kind of glad we didn’t.  Hee hee!

vegas nov 7

Took this whilst teaching someone the amazing things you can do with an iPhone camera.  Bellagio gardens again.

vegas nov 8

Father Harvest at the Bellagio gardens.  Neat but creepy.

vegas nov 9

Nutella and banana crepe at the breakfast buffet at Paris.  My socks were knocked off again!  I get this every time.  My own private tradition.

vegas nov 10

Big Sister Mia and me at baggage waiting for Nephew Paul and Maria to arrive from Atlanta.  I like my upper teeth.  Mia prefers her lower ones.

vegas nov 11

Chocolate house at the Aria.  This thing was at least 4 feet high and cost about $750.

vegas nov 12

And yes, we went to see the longest-running revue show on the strip.  Since it’s topless, I couldn’t take pictures inside.  So here’s a shot of the ticket stub.  Tits aside (or to the wind in dirty sailor talk), the show is incredible.  They even recreate the sinking of the Titanic.  But in deference to the grave nature of that event, no tits are showing for that act.   I had a friend who worked in this revue as a dancer.  She explained that dancers do not perform topless, just the showgirls who mostly strut around with those big feather things on their heads.  Can you imagine the can-can done by topless dancers?  

So it was a fun time.  Big Sister Mia invited her son and his wife.  She also invited her ex- husband and his wife.  We all get along just fine.  And that’s the way it can be when people allow life to move on.  


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16 responses to “Photos From the Land of Decadence

  1. I just bought some Nutella! Can’t wait to try it!!!!

  2. As a matter of fact I *can* imagine the can-can done by topless dancers, and have done so for years. (Heinous! I love Heinous!!)

  3. Rhonda

    i was at Serendipity having a frozen hot chocolate in October – we split one and it was MORE than enough. Too delicious!!!!!!!!!

  4. I gained weight just reading this and looking at the pictures. Just a marvelous, calorie laden and family trip indeed.

  5. bholles

    We had a great time.

  6. Sugar high [sigh] I get that from Nutella. I’m glad you had such a good time.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Frozen hot chocolate. What a sugar high!

    Pen pe

  8. joanie

    OMG! Frozen hot chocolate. Cute pic of you and Mia

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