Skating With My Dad

Captain’s Log   5,716

Things you learn about your parents.

Just when I thought my parents were geeks, I found out they were very skilled dance skaters.  My dad could whirl my mom around like a princess across those lovely wooden floors.

It all started here.  I learned to skate here.  My dad taught me there was more to skating than just clamping those steel skates to my shoes and speeding like a maniac down the street.  There was style.  Skill.  Beauty.  Grace.

I skated here with my dad until I graduated from high school.  Love the memories.  I would stand on the side (left) and watch the skaters through the window.  My dad would come up behind me and ask, “Wanna go a few spins with your dad?”  I never turned him down.


So many hours here having such fun as a kid.


The rink was there a long time.  All gone now…like so many wonderful places that are no longer considered cool or safe or any of those ridiculous things.  Kids are meant to fall down.  Kids are also meant to fall in love with their daddies who teach them to skate.


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20 responses to “Skating With My Dad

  1. susanna

    Small town fun. Daddies that skated with daughters. You got the best of middle America. I think you stayed in one town growing up? But then traveled across the US singing? And now doing the global thing.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Great memories! My dad taught me to skate at a very young age. My parents would skate at all the rinks in a nearby state park… they are all gone now with no trace unless you know where to look. I learned at a tiny rink near my childhood home and spent a ton of time on wheels after that. There is actually a combination rink and indoor skateboard park not far from where I live now. Went there once with my kiddo and it was a total flashback.

  3. What magic memories. I bet those were glorious times.

    Nope…Christians. Most are nice. Breakfast sitting, 9 to 10. Services saved everything from 10 to 1130…at least there was standing and sitting. No more kneeling. G did better than I.

  4. What a sweet memory about your dad. You and your sister were so very lucky.

  5. My mother talked about roller skating when she was a teenager/bobbysoxer too. She loved to dance.

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    I never skated with my Dad, but I WAS one of those little girls who learned to dance by standing atop her Daddy’s shoes. But that was back in the days when dancers actually touched each other and everybody knew how to waltz and foxtrot. And swing dance! Oh my! But I do have tales about skating on a wooden floor and even a medal earned in competition shaking. How about that?

  7. I’ve always believed a Daddy can be a prince or a toad. Looks like you got the prince!

  8. Penny Tushingham

    I wish I had had the opportu it’s to meet your dad!

    Pen pen

  9. Lovely! My dad knew how to dance, but my mother seldom did. He knew how to play lots of card games; she didn’t learn bridge until she retired after he died. It would not have occurred to him to do those things with us. He would do whatever she wanted.

  10. bholles

    He was a great skater.

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