Taught By Nuns

Captain’s Log   5,715

Sometimes, we are tougher than we can ever imagine.  Sometimes, experience is the key to dealing with all the trials and tribulations and those nasty curve balls that life is said to throw.  

Indeed.  I was trained well.  


Brazen and true.  I want this shirt!

I started one of my big projects yesterday by hiring four people as consultants!  YAY!  I need special nun training to get through this one.  It’s huge!  It’s got a production budget of $250,000.  We got $40,000 just to figure out how we are going to do it.  I hired on a grantwriter, a stage designer, a team of composers, and a logistics specialist to work with our graphics designer and myself to see how we can launch this rocket off the pad.   I have never ever EVER been at the helm of anything this magnificent.  I also never dreamed it would get funded because it’s very much off the wall and trust me, no other auto museum in the world has ever attempted such a thing.  

A trip to Mannheim, Germany is probably in the cards as well.  It’s all part of this project.  The logistics manager does huge projects all over San Diego, so I will probably take this trip with him.  He is funny and irreverent.  I can see it all now.   Oh dear.

This is all part of a very crazy job that is hard for me to explain.  Some museum directors sit behind desks and run museums.   That is not my style.  I prefer to think up different exhibits and programs that make people think, have fun, question, and contribute to the process.  I want people to feel like they are an integral piece of the museum’s mission and purpose.  

The workings of museums is changing.  It used to be………

This is what we have and you need to learn about it and be satisfied.  And by the way, keep your voice down.  Show some respect.

And this is the philosophy now.

Become part of the story.  Immerse yourself in memory and questions.  Dig in.  Make it real for you.  Laugh.  Have fun.  Make noise.

So the gate is open and it’s time to saddle up the ponies for the next adventure.  Yes, the Confederacy had come close to pushing me away forever, but truth and justice prevailed and I am back and quite content to manage the people and the projects again.  It’s amazing what a little attitude adjustment in the right places can achieve.


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24 responses to “Taught By Nuns

  1. I can’t imagine how joyful you are right now. I see great things in your future although you may never retire. Enjoy the journey.

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW~ I am so excited for you! Can you tell? I will fly to where this performance is – will you get me tickets? backstage passes? the whole VIP deal? Can I sit next to you on opening night?? OH PLEASE! I am truly ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! xoxoxoxox

  3. I could not be happier for you until you wave good-bye to the confederacy and make your way to Broadway. You just might do it, too!

  4. susanna

    If I remember right there was something a while back about you not wanting to play small, being ready for something BIG. Yikes, this is HUGE! I am thrilled for you and I know the project is in the best of hands! I can’t wait to see what evolves.

  5. Sometimes, in complete violation of historical trends, good things happen to good people. I’m just glad I’m here to witness it. Go, Poolie!!

  6. maryz

    Sounds like great fun! We’ll be waiting to hear all reports during the pregnancy, the inevitable birthing pains, and see pictures of the newborn.

  7. Patty O'Reilly

    The happy enthusiasm fairly bubbles up off the screen. I am SO happy for you and this enormous project. You have a GOOD start already. Ever ONWARD!!!

  8. joanie

    Wow! This sounds great! Right up your creative alley.

  9. What a project but I am sure you are in 7th heaven.

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