No Quinoa But Good Music

Captain’s Log   5,714

Every now and then I do the gratitude check-off list.  Things I am so grateful for having or in some cases, not having.

One thing I am grateful for is NOT having an operatic voice.  I think if you had one of those, it would be nearly impossible to sing along to music in places like grocery stores and stuff.  Nobody wants to hear warbling to songs like Shout.  This is fresh in my mind because Shout was playing in the store last night.  Very low and subtle, but there.  No, it wasn’t the Isley Brothers version of the song, it was more like muzak (or whatever it’s called). 

I had big fun with it.  I raised my fingers off the cart handle every time SHOUT came up.  And yes, I was singing a bit.  Just loud enough to amuse myself or anyone who got within five feet of my cart.   By the time I got to the bagels, the song was already in the “little bit louder now” part.  Great fun for me and hopefully my nearby bread-purchasing friends. 

I was so grateful to have been a folksinger instead of an opera singer.  I suppose if music from Phantom of the Opera was playing in the store, opera singers could have a little fun.  Speaking of that show, I think the music is terrible.  Webber wrote the music for his girlfriend.  Bad idea.  The story is about the phantom, not the hapless ingénue running around the haunted halls.  In my humble opinion, his best work was his early stuff.  Jesus Christ Superstar is far better.  And much easier to handle in the cereal aisle of the grocery store.  I can see myself singing I Don’t Know How to Love Him when I am looking at something odd like quinoa.  I might even buy quinoa if the music was right.  Grocery stores need to consider things like that if they want people to put incredibly expensive things in their carts.  I still don’t understand the fascination with quinoa either. 

Grocery shopping confounds me.  I think that’s why I enjoy it so much.  I went in for milk and spent over $100.  I even bought a box of Borax.  It looked like fun and something every filthy liberal scum hippie should have in her home. 

But no quinoa.


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24 responses to “No Quinoa But Good Music

  1. Poolie, I love Phantom and Shout! I can just see you sing in’ and shoppin’ !

  2. susanna

    You are so right. Operatic voices can not be casually offered in the halls of a grocery store. They sounds pretentious. But a folksong voice has just the right tone liberal self self-expression in a unassuming way, as subtle as lifting a finger at SHOUT!

  3. …Or Italian. That would be fun. LOL

  4. I like music, period. Eclectic tastes and all that.

    I can eat quinoa, but it’s more a take-it-or-leave-it thing. It’s bland, so it would probably work well in lots of different dishes.

  5. Quinoa. I’m a dirty liberal hippy, and I don’t get it either. But I use Borax in my homemade laundry soap. Like a boss.

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    I remember dancing to SHOUT at a fabulous party onboard the ferryboat Berkeley at the Embarcadero (back in my dancing years). My children were SO proud of Mom for that one! But I have always wished to be present when there is an Opera Flash Bash in a supermarket. I’d LOVE to hear the butcher break out a tenor voice and the checkers blasting “Libiamo” full blast. I can spend an afternoon watching them in Europe oen YouTube! P,.S. I’d be grateful to be able to sing with ANY voice! Just. Can’t. Sigh.

  7. I like the Phantom music.

  8. We used to call it “elevator music.” But an Israeli I knew told me that in Israel they called it “supermarket music.” My range is so limited I don’t usually try opera, but I love to sing along — very quietly.

  9. Marcia Roth

    Ouinoa made into a salad is available at Costco and it is delicious!

  10. Rhonda Lieberman

    Too bad – not only do I love Phantom of the Opera Music, Isley Brothers version of Shout (best), Jesus Christ Superstar, but QUINOA FOR SURE! I love the stuff – especially if the get the fun colors…

  11. Penny Tushingham

    You would have to learn Latin to be a opera singer and that wouldn’t be fun!

    Pen Pen

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