Tupperware in the Woods

Captain’s Log   5,713

Yesterday was interesting.  I had to accept an award for someone (and give a small speech in front of my executive peers, the acting mayor, port commissioners, state senators, etc.).  It went well even though I wished the guy who was supposed to receive it had been there and not down with the flu.

After the speech, a lady I had never met in my life wanted to say hello.  She hugged me.  Kissed me on the cheek.  And then she asked me about my dad who has been dead since 1992.  I was twisting my brain into a pretzel to figure out who in the hell she was.  When she realized she had the wrong person, it got pretty funny.  She was SOOOO embarrassed!  Poor thing.

Then I moved on to a meeting with someone so unpleasant I would rather sit in a bed of stinging nettles than sit in that damn meeting.  Several months ago, I had tried to explain the joys of geocaching to this person…..who looked at me as if I was insane.  Now, get this.  Another person showed up at the meeting.  This is someone Nettle Stinger thinks walks on water.  This person is considered perfection.  Nettle Stinger would LOVE to be this person if that was possible.  Imagine my joy when this person walked into the meeting and said, “Is that your Mazda out there?  I love your license plate that says GET OUT OF MY WAY I’M GOING GEOCACHING!”  Turns out this person has just discovered geocaching and thinks it’s the best thing ever!  She asked me about my finds, how often I go, etc.  She asked if she and her boyfriend could go with me sometime and learn a few tricks.  HA HA HA!  Nettle Stinger made a pucker face and didn’t know what to say.  I was asked about clothing, using smartphones or GPS devices, etc.  Nettle Stinger was secretly seething.  I was quite amused in my own private moment.

hate geocaching

Nettle Stinger thinks I am the strangest person on the planet.  That is fine.  A lot of people think that.  I don’t mind.  Actually, I am somewhat flattered.  But Nettle Stinger looks at me with disdain most of the time.  I feel sorry for Nettle Stinger who simply cannot find joy in being outside looking for plastic containers hidden under rocks or hanging in trees.  Personally, I think it’s a fine use of multi-bazillion dollar space technology.

billion dollar technology

So in its own humble way, geocaching was my hero yesterday.   Anything that spares me from stinging nettles has got to be my friend.


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18 responses to “Tupperware in the Woods

  1. I’m glad you met a kindred soul with regard to geocaching. Better yet that it rendered Nellie Nettles STUNG!

  2. susanna

    Nettle stinger got stung! Yea Baby!

  3. You left us laughing, fer sure. You of all folks are never above us no matter what you are scratching. 9th heaven. 🙂

  4. joanie

    Too bad those “poetic justice” moments don’t occur more frequently. I love those. Like when the guy who speeds by all the cars in front of him who are in line to take the off ramp and then tries to get in at the last second and nobody lets him in until the last car.

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    One of my mother’s favorite bits of wise advice was: Always cultivate a reputation for unpredictable behavior. It keeps people off balance and you can get away with murder. Yet she herself was always shy and introverted….until she hit 70 snd the Gypsy Rose Lee emerged. Stinging Nettle sorts HATE unpredictability. Your tale was delicious.

  6. maryz

    Don’t you just love poetic justice?!

    In response to yesterday posting, this was the Thought of the Day on A Word A Day: The only thing one can give an artist is leisure in which to work. To give an artist leisure is actually to take part in his creation. -Ezra Pound, poet (1885-1972)

    I wish I could give you some.

  7. I am sure you were in 7th heaven

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