No No Nano For This Playwright

Captain’s Log   5,712

So the big novel writing month approaches.  NaNoWriMo or nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month happens every November.  Thousands of people sit down and hammer out “novels” and then call it a day.  Or a month.  There is also an event in September that I wish I had known about.  There aren’t any word minimums to worry about.  And the content doesn’t matter either.  Much easier.


I tried the Nano thing once.  I finished my 50,000 words in 30 days and sent it off.  Then I got a button to put on my website allowing me to advertise my accomplishment.  It wasn’t an accomplishment at all.  It was pure garbage.  I threw it away.

Some people get a lot out of this.  Some of my friends have even used their Nano experience to publish real books.  I am not that lucky.  I am not that talented.  I am not that anything.  I am an online journalist and a playwright who cannot produce under pressure like that.  I highly doubt that I will ever be a novelist.  I just don’t have the discipline for it.  

Maybe if I didn’t work a totally crazy job and then another weekend job….. (hmmmm….sounds like excuses to me)

Maybe having more daytime hours to myself would result in more and better writing.  I was going to say more better writing to see if anyone noticed.  More better!  More better!  Flash a little neon.

I am at my peak about 8:00 in the morning.  That’s when the mental sparks fly and putting them into form is the easiest for me.  That is also the time when I am getting ready for work Monday through Friday.  Weekends are not an option for me.  I work on weekends and have social time with friends that I love.  Don’t get me wrong.  But just once, I would love to experience an entire weekend without ever having to get out of my jammies or go anywhere.  I would love to hang out, read, write, make scones, paint some furniture.  What is it like to have two complete days off with nothing to do?  The last time that happened, I had strep throat and nobody wanted to be near me.  I guess that’s always an option.  Pinkeye would be less painful and just as scary. 

But why do we always think we have to have an excuse to experience alone time?  Why is it not okay to say we just want to be alone?  Is it just me or do other people feel weird about that?  I think we are too insecure to say that stuff flat out honestly.  On the other hand, I also think we get really insecure if someone doesn’t want to spend time with us.  We immediately go into the darkness and get weird about ourselves and the situation.  Why?  

It just puzzles me.  Novelists need alone time to write.  I mean ALONE ALONE time.  That’s a hard commodity for some of us busy types.    Working on it.   Trying to make sense.  Fussing out my thoughts here so I can read them later.  Not that they mean much.  They are just here.  I need this place, this ritual, this time of writing down at least SOMETHING almost every day.


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22 responses to “No No Nano For This Playwright

  1. For years I participated in NOvember JOurnal WRiting MOnth, but it was only on Open Diary. No OD any more for me. No Novel for me either.

    The mammogram lady recommended a new place. She said the food is very good at the corner of 30th and University in the old Salvation Army building.

  2. jo

    Maybe Just maybe ya might schedule a jammie weekend just to see iif your write

  3. I hear you about being busy. Been doing it for decades. I putzed around for years until a friend took the whip-and-chair approach with me (figuratively speaking) to get me writing. I hope to be published through a traditional outlet. I have a feeling my biggest regret was waiting so long.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    I am fascinated by writing style and how individual it can be. You seem to have facility with several, from specifically targeted prose to rambling stream of consciousness. I write by the old “vomitus” technique, spitting out reams of words. My problem is in the editing! My daughter writes like Gustave Flaubert, searching in agony for the ONE word in the entire English language that is appropriate for what she wants to say. Ultimately that leads to writer’s block and dmore agony. I lived for the prof who assigned 1500 words and despaired when told 300 was the limit. Ah well, different strokes.

  5. Valerie

    Hahaha! “More better!” What I really want to know is why is “playwright” spelled the way it is?

  6. /when you are finally ready, it won’t be difficult at all to tell them to take that job and shove it……I wrote my 2nd book with Nano last year and I am planning on working on my 3rd one next month too.

  7. Sorry, no empathy from me, my dear. Couldn’t let this one slip by. First off, you are an amazingly talented writer with an imagination that Hemingway would envy. Second, at what point in time will you realize that you CAN do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it? You are held hostage only by your own choices. Can I be frank? Quit your fooking job, write what and when you want to, and hang out in your pajamas each and every day if that’s what you choose to do. You can even vacuum the house naked. A famous advice columnist was once asked what people on their death beds regretted the most about their lives. Not a single person wished they had worked more hours.

  8. susanna

    Fussing out my thoughts is going to stay with me as the cherished phrase of the day! And may I say there is no more honest and courageous writer than you. When I do a little inner search I keep it on the down low. Your inner searches are such FUN. Reading you is fun! War and Peace…ugh.

  9. I know I shall never write a novel. Fiction and I just don’t work together. I have tried short stories, but I don’t like them either. And believe me, when I don’t like my own work, it is really bad.

  10. Some day you will have all the alone time you want.

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