Raining in Paradise – And I Love It

Captain’s Log   5,711

It’s a lovely rainy Monday.  I have to work.  Wish I could just stay home and hang out. 

The park looks great even when it’s raining.  It doesn’t rain often here, so we enjoy it immensely.  At least some of us do.  Many San Diegans behave like they might die in the rain.  Hard for me to understand.

balboa rain

What the park looks like on a wet morning.  So amazing.

balboa rain 2

The lily pond has recovered nicely from the vandalism a year ago.  One of the best photo opportunities in all of San Diego.  Even in the rain.

I have a huge week ahead of me.  A few moments for fun sprinkled here and there.   Rain pun intended.  It’s all good.


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14 responses to “Raining in Paradise – And I Love It

  1. susanna

    Beautiful pictures of our lovely park. What a grand place to go to work. I love it when it rains also. We get so few days of change. It smells fresh and like you said, it was not too much rain, just a nice sprinkle. A spritz.

  2. jo

    Lovely fish pond

  3. Streets are moist here but no real rain. I love rain. I love your pictures too. Hugs.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Usually we have NO rain or TOO MUCH rain. This is lovely…

  5. joanie benson

    Enjoying the rain too! I love the pics of the park. Spent lots of time there as a youngster and they bring back lots of memories.

  6. I am enjoying the rain.

  7. It looks like Portland only with palm trees 🙂

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