Wrinkled Little Hose

Captain’s Log   5,710

It doesn’t take much to amuse me.  I bought a new hose.

It’s a wrinkly weird thing when it’s not being used.  It swells up when you use it.  Once it’s exhausted all the fluid is gone, it goes back to being wrinkly and weird.

Go ahead.  Make that smutty leap.  I sure did.  You big smutballs!

I filmed my interesting hose this morning for everyone’s enjoyment.

So there you have it.  Wrinkly and weird, fat and useful, empty, back to wrinkly and weird.  Draw your own conclusions.

Here is the real commercial for the hose.  You think what I said was funny, listen to what the commercial has to say.


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25 responses to “Wrinkled Little Hose

  1. somehow the phrase “pocket hose” sounds so wrong.

  2. Last time I saw a commercial about wrinkly hose, it was some little brat telling Linda Gray the elephant’s legs looked just like hers.

  3. joanie

    If it stays unwrinkly for more than 4 hours I think you’re supposed to call 911.

  4. Well, I have seen the ads and wondered whether it was worth the investment. (Then again, I don’t want to put another cent in this house.) In any case, you can be the guinea pig.

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    OK, who IS this Dangerspouse, because we all want to meet him!

  6. I should’ve known Dangerspouse would weigh in on this one, lol. Cool hose!

  7. Do you have to wait an hour before you can use it again?

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