Cranky Pants


Captain’s Log   5,710

The issue with Cranky Pants yesterday was easy for me.  There weren’t any complaints about other staff members this time.  The complaint was easy for me to handle.  Cranky Pants wants to be paid $80 an hour.  Cranky Pants will settle for $40.  Cranky Pants just got a raise.  This happens every damn time the raises are awarded.  Most people thank me for the raise which gives them about $1,500 more a year, but not Cranky Pants.  Cranky Pants has been raised 7 times in the last 5 years.  I asked for the courtesy of a 2-week notice once Cranky Pants finds another job.   Don’t think Cranky Pants was expecting that.  Cranky Pants told me that it’s better to work somewhere as a contract employee.  It pays better.  When I explained that contractors get no paid vacation or holidays, Cranky Pants didn’t care.  We pay 100% of health coverage for our employees.  Cranky Pants will have to pay out of pocket for that very soon.  It will be required.  Cranky Pants shrugged.  I sipped my coffee and made sure I wasn’t smirking.

cranky pants

Impossible for some people

Cranky Pants is the least involved individual on our team.  Never stays for parties, rarely participates in birthday celebrations, comes and goes without saying hello or goodbye.  Usual anti-social shit that doesn’t sit well with me but I cannot enforce a code to make people nice.  I won’t miss Cranky Pants one iota.

Cranky Pants went on to complain that working for me is a waste of education and experience.  I listened to Cranky Pants crow about two college degrees.  Not exactly.  High level vocational training certifications yes, but actual college degrees?  No.  Sorry.  Not the same.  I didn’t argue.  I just let the rope play out knowing that sooner or later, people like Cranky Pants always hang themselves.

I have found that I am a lot happier person now that I have learned to just let people say stupid things.  I gave up my need to argue.  I certainly gave up any ideas of ever offering unsolicited advice (unless the situation has a direct impact on me or my tribe).  If Cranky Pants wants to go out into the world and be independent and pay for everything without company support, I applaud those efforts.  I wish Cranky Pants success.  I also look forward to posting the job sooner than later.


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14 responses to “Cranky Pants

  1. Even at my highest level of claims handling as a Senior Claims Representative specializing in Workers’ Comp….I never made $40/hr….

  2. I don’t know many people who make $40 an hour, and you can bet if they behaved like Cranky Pants, they would’t survive two minutes in an environment where they did.

  3. Gee, maybe we all can get together and do the job. You do not want that person on your payroll. Yes, ignoring them while they talk is a good thing.

    Me….I was thinking that I need saddle shoes. Or penny loafers.

  4. Jean

    Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope !!

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    Good grief. $40/hr PLUS healh ins & other benefits and not satisfied? I shouuld be so lucky! And I’m smart AND nice!

  6. Sure there are lots of qualified people who would love that job.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Not sure what cranky pants does but $40 an hour is super good pay!

    Pen Pen

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